Blockpix: Easing the Burden of Image Copyrights with the Blockchain

Take a look around you. In the day-to-day, we see a massive amount of media and art in the form of graphics, advertisements and all forms of visual descriptions. Behind each of these is a professional and artist who has made it their job to create appealing forms that attract the eye to a message.

Each of these images are created and then sold to a company who has found the work to be the best at capturing whatever message they need to evoke. Due to this professionals within this industry have to spend a considerable amount of time and resources to protect their work from those that would steal it and undermine the work they have put in.

Once created an image is copyrighted immediately to the artist responsible, but upholding this can be quite tricky; this is where Blockpix would like to jump in.

Blockpix is starting up with the goal to make things easier for both the creatives who have content they’d like to sell and for anyone who would like to purchase the media by creating a decentralized marketplace capable of quickly upholding these transactions and ensuring clear communication between the parties through smart contracts.

Why Use the Blockchain for Blockpix?

Creators and buyers working within this world have to deal with a huge amount of headaches through contract negotiation. This is to ensure the work is used fairly. However, mistakes can and do occur when filling out these forms for oneself. The alternative to contracting for yourself is to hire a lawyer to handle these matter, but the costs involved can often take a deep cut into potential profits to be made in the media.


Smart contracts here are the solution. These contracts will be able to handle the matters that would normally require, at the very least, a notary to sign off on quickly and efficiently without the possibility of misunderstandings or manipulation. A guarantee that a contract is 100 percent mistake-free is a huge burden of relief taken off of both parties in a transaction and dramatically reduces the time and cost of these types of transactions.

Furthermore, due to the ledger being immutable and completely public, creators of images on Blockpix have an easy to find a way to prove copyright on any images they need to make a claim on. Currently, creators have to deal with their images being stolen by unscrupulous websites and advertising agencies. With Blockpix proof of copyright is as simple as showing where and when it was stored on the blockchain.

The combination of all this leads to a community of creators who are actually able to lower costs and continue to profit, as they will finally have the tools needed to protect and sell their work efficiently.

The photography and still images industry is expected to exceed $4 billion by 2020. An industry of this size needs a way to efficiently and safely transact business, and in the current marketplace, it is never a guarantee. Blockpix seems to have finally found the solution. Check out their full whitepaper and information on their ICO, starting up March 18, 2018, here.


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