DineroOne: World's First All-in-One Pay-Everywhere Solution

DineroOne allows the use of cryptocurrencies for day to day businesses such as restaurants and coffee places. It aims to solve the major problem that crypto investors face i.e. use of cryptocurrencies for routine payments. Additionally, the platform plans to remove the hassle consumers face of dealing in cash. DineroOne’s multi-purpose intelligent cash drawer will act as ATM for cryptocurrencies.

Existing Problem in Digital and Physical World

Lately, cryptocurrencies have seen an influx of demand, however, investors want to use digital currencies other than trading. Many crypto enthusiast desire to use virtual currencies in their day to day lives, such as at coffee shops and restaurants, however, the present infrastructure does not allow. At the moment, cryptocurrencies are not used by businesses which, DineroOne wants to change.

Even with technology advancement, still, businesses use cash as payment which has several issues. One such issue is counting cash and giving back the remainder to customers during busy work hours.

DineroOne’s Solution

DineroOne wants to take cryptocurrencies to businesses, especially ones that may not have actively been part of the crypto space. It is an independent multipurpose solution to help businesses and also crypto enthusiasts. It is exciting where one can go to their favorite restaurant and pay or exchange cryptocurrencies.

The DineroOne Cash drawer is the solution to issues encircling businesses dealing daily in cash. The multipurpose cash drawer will make transactions more secure and simple using cryptocurrencies.  

The four key features of the DineroOne cash drawer are as follows:

  • Pay with cryptocurrencies
  • Automatic cash counting
  • ATM everywhere
  • All-in-One solution

Automatic Cash Counting

DineroOne multipurpose cash drawer has the ability to count cash in real time. In addition to it, the drawer also counts cryptocurrencies, credit card transactions and cash in it and displays the data on the screen. Moreover, the same data is also available on business owner’s smartphone app.

Pay with Cryptocurrencies

With the purchase of the DineroOne cash drawer, a portable POS device will come free. The device not only is used for card payments but also cryptocurrency payments. The cash drawer will calculate the cryptocurrency price based on where it is listed. Businesses can also choose a particular exchange to determine the price of the cryptocurrency.

ATM Everywhere

The ATM Everywhere feature offers consumers several payment methods in addition to multiple options of money conversion. The multipurpose cash drawer will provide the following services:

  • Conversion credit card currency to cryptocurrency
  • Conversion cryptocurrency to cash
  • Conversion of cash into cryptocurrency
  • Conversion of one cryptocurrency into other
  • Conversion credit card currency to cash

DineroOne aims to transform how the cryptocurrency is being used at present. Taking cryptocurrency market to the public will enlarge its customer base and enter significantly into the mainstream.

Revenue Model and Investor Benefit

The demand for cryptocurrency is on the up, meanwhile the cash drawer market demand is steady. The Whitepaper states that the normal cash drawer market is about €2.7 million in Croatia alone, however it claims that the intelligent multipurpose drawer market is 15 times more than normal cash drawer equating to an approximated market of €40 million. It also states that the global market for the intelligent drawer approximates to €45 billion. The life of these cash drawers is about 3 years, hence the yearly market equates to about 15 billion.

Another revenue generation method is by charging a commission to businesses for credit card and cryptocurrency transactions. Part of the commission will go to the company and investors. An additional option is to sell software used by the intelligent cash drawer. Approximate charges for the software are –  €0.99/month for remote software and, €9.99 per month for main software.  


Investors will be rewarded with DNRO tokens accordingly as per their investment in crowdsale phase. After the crowdsale phase, the token shall be listed on exchanges so it can be traded. Moreover, DNRO is a Equity Token, which allows constant flow of revenue for investors generated by credit card and cryptocurrency transaction payments. Another additional benefit for investors is that they become shareholders of the company that manufactures and sells intelligent cash drawers.

As per the Whitepaper, investors will be entitled 30 percent of the annual profit from sales of multipurpose cash drawers. Also, the largest investors from a particular country during the token sale phase will have the opportunity to become the exclusive importer and distributor of intelligent cash drawers in their country.

Dinero Token

DineroOne’s token (DNRO), is fully compatible with ERC20 – Ethereum Token Standard. Additionally, the token will be an equity token. For the crowdsale phase 350 million DIN tokens will be generated, investors can choose to pay via Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The token distribution will be as follows:

  • 297.5 million tokens (85 percent) – reserved for Investors
  • 17.5 million (five percent) – reserved for future of the company
  • 17.5 million (five percent) – reserved for bounty program
  • 10.5 million (three percent) – reserved for Team and Founders
  • 7 million (two percent) – reserved for advisors

The initial price of DNRO will be one Euro for five DIN tokens. Investors have the option to even purchase DNRO in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The DNRO crowsdale will continue for 42 days during the time investors will be entitled to additional bonus during the crowdsale phase. Additionally, DIN coins booked for Team and Founders shall be pegged until DineroOne is officially on sale.  

According to the Whitepaper, the unsold tokens after the DNRO crowdsale phase shall be destroyed. The crowdsale will only be successful if the manages to collect €18 million (SOFT CAP) – it is the minimum amount required to continue developing the project. If it fails to obtain then the sale will be declared unsuccessful and money shall be returned to investors.

The OPTIMAL CAP is set at €25 million which will allow the project to develop faster. Moreover, the optimal amount will also allow DineroOne to install a larger capacity production line. The HARD CAP is set to €45 million, if the company achieves this amount, it will permit the company to progress quickly with the development of multipurpose cash drawer.

Fund Usage

If DineroOne achieves SOFT CAP (€18 million), it distributes the acquired fund as follows:

  • Product line (50 percent) = €9 million
  • Research & Development (25 percent) = €4.5 million
  • Marketing (15 percent) = €2.7 million
  • Operating Cost (ten percent) = €1.8 million

However, if DineroOne is able to obtain funds set at OPTIMAL CAP then the fund distribution will be as follows:

  • Product line (53 percent) = €13.25 million
  • Research & Development (29 percent) = €7.25 million
  • Marketing (10.8 percent) = €2.7 million
  • Operating Cost (7.2 percent) = €1.8 million


The DineroOne team is a perfect blend of online and offline masters in their field. A combination that fits well with the business idea which aims to offer offline digital cash drawer for online currencies.

Martina Zeljko – Co-founder

She has an experience of five years in the field of digital business. The DineroOne website states that her business motto is “Learning and adapting”. She is a quick learner and adopts new technologies right away.

Marija Zeljko – Co-founder and Content Manager

Marija is highly experienced when it comes to digital communication and building an online presence. Additionally, as a young entrepreneur has a great business sense which helps Direct One to achieve its goal globally.

Mario Jankovic – Lead & Product Design

Jankovic has 15 years of experience in the field of development. He is the person responsible for developing the foundation of DineroOne – its platform. Jankovic, an educator, has devoted his life to development and teaching. He is highly skilled with expertise in web development and application interfaces.

DineroOne is a prospectus project that not only benefits the digital space but also the physical world. It is a project that highlights the strength of blockchain technology for use in day to day businesses. It promises to transform how we deal with cryptocurrencies in present time. More information about DineroOne is available in its Whitepaper and website.


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