Giftcoin Charity-centric Cryptocurrency set to Launch Token Generation Event

Giftcoin, the first ever crypto project dedicated to charitable causes is ready to start its crowdsale. The project is looking to raise $10 million from the fundraising event.

Giftcoin is collaborating with the highly reputable charity payment processor, Charity Checkout to list their over 2000 charities to the platform. That’s not all, Giftcoin has also established a partnership with international charities such as the English Heritage and trauma-informed yoga charity, OURMALA.

OURMALA’s primary objective is the rehabilitation of victims of sexual abuse, torture and those who have been trafficked through yoga.

All processes on the system are based on blockchain smart contracts technology, thus ensuring the highest level of transparency.

Donors are provided with details of how their donations are spent. This gives contributors confidence in the system since their contributions go to the cause they are supporting.

Before funds are unlocked to recipient charities, the platform makes sure all requirements are fully met.

In addition to making sure donations sent to charities are optimally utilized, Giftcoin is also focused on repairing the dented image of cryptocurrency.

The Giftcoin TGE is open to accredited investors. The fundraiser begins on March 20, 2018. Bitcoin and ethereum are the accepted payment methods.

All contributors who pre-register for the fundraising event will receive 10% bonus.

The minimum purchase is 0.25 ETH. All contributors who donate within the first 24 hours will receive 25% discount.

Contributors who purchase tokens after one week will get a 15% discount, and those within the second week of sale will receive a 5% discount.  All proceeds will be invested in developing the Giftcoin ecosystem, to meet up with the scheduled October launch.

The Co-founder of Giftcoin, Alex Howard said that:

“Our upcoming token offering – now just a few weeks, is the first step in our mission to restore public confidence in, and ultimately revolutionize the charitable giving process. We know from our research that, were charities more transparent about where donations were spent, average consumer giving would increase by 49%.

Through greater transparency we are dedicated to improving engagement between donors and charities, ensuring more donations are delivered to exactly where they can do the most good.”

Luke Purser, Development Director at English Heritage, said that:

“English Heritage cares for the places where England’s stories were forged and where they can be retold. We hope this will be a great new way to raise more funds to support our important work.”

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