OpenBlocks Introduces Own Trading BOT to Give Crypto Traders More Profit

OpenBlocks has created its automated cryptocurrency trading bot called OBI. With this trading solution, OpenBlocks token holders will now get massive returns in their crypto trading endeavors. Token holders from all parts of the world can participate by staking their tokens on the network.

It’s no news that digital currencies are volatile and at the same time they offer high returns. I 2017, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies experienced an exponential growth. However, this year is not that great yet.

It’s a fact that crypto trading is quite risky therefore, traders must understand the nitty gritty of the crypto ecosystem.

Professional crypto traders are often required to monitor trends while carrying out fundamental market analysis.  The need for unbiased real-time information cannot be overestimated and it sometimes proves a herculean task for traders to go online in search of the necessary market-moving information every moment of the day.

Artificial Intelligence to the Rescue

Unlike humans, A.I has many advantageous trading strategies. For example an A.I based trading systems don’t trade with emotions, proper understanding of risk management,  24 hours trading and many more qualities.

OpenBlock has carefully studied the market for two years and has created its AI trading bot. This bot is built to conquer all trading challenges of humans and bring consistent profits to users.

With the latest OpenBlocks trading bot, even crypto greenhorns or people who do not have the time to trade can benefit from the crypto markets without sitting in front of a computer to trade.

OBI does all the dirty job, bringing consistent profit to members of the OpenBlock community always.

The OBI bot trades a vast number of currency pairs. It analyses charts and carries out fail-proof fundamental analyses expertly.  OBI does trading better than what even the best professional traders can ever do. OBI is capable of trading up to 1200 round trips in a single 24 hour period.

There’s no doubt that artificial intelligence is the future of trading and OpenBlock is championing the revolution with OBI.

It’s important to note that OpenBlock carries out its trading operations in a transparent, real-time manner at .

After trading ends every day, the team posts the trading results of that day on its official YouTube channel.  The OpenBlock team is really building a formidable company that will change the lives of many in the cryptocurrency ecosystem positively.

The OpenBlock token generation event is underway. You can register now at

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