Qtum Development News: Core Release, New Wallet, and More

Things have been looking good for Qtum this past month, with celebrating their 1-year anniversary and being listed on 3 exchanges, among other achievements. The Qtum development team has worked hard to get where they are, and a quick look at what they’ve been working on this September is proof they’re not resting on their laurels just yet.

New Qtum Core Release

In September, Qtum released Qtum Core v0.16.0 and v0.16.1. These upgrades include an upgrade of the Qtum core to Bitcoin core 0.16, offering users a segwit wallet, bech32 addresses, and HD wallets by default.

Various bugs were fixed in the Qtum core as well, including a bug where contract transactions without change would sometimes fail, and where multiple logs wouldn’t appear correctly in a Qtum wallet.

The team also updated gitian-build scripts to support Ubuntu Bionic, as they continue to merge Qtum with Bitcoin v0.17 code.

New Website and Mobile Wallets

With a new official website in the works, Qtum is actively building the framework and implementing the forum design.

Meanwhile, they are also updating the framework for their mobile wallet. Currently, the Qtum mobile wallet v2 for iOS and Android is ready to release, boasting a newly optimized UI.

The Qtum web wallet has also added more QRC-20 tokens.

Other Developments

The Qtum team have been on a roll with other developments as well.

For example, they made quite a few improvements with the x86 Virtual Machine, by fixing bugs with gas refunds, adding -raw output mode for the x86test bench, and adding repz-ret AMD hack compatibility. For more details, you can check out their updated x86VM task list here.

The team also released a new v0.18.8 of Qtum Electrum in September. This new version includes various optimizations, such as the fixture of system crashes plus a crash reporter, automatic saving of contract information after an OP_CREATE transaction has been broadcasted, improved Chinese translations, and more.

An updated Qtum Explorer has also seen crucial bug fixes to a data display error as well as invalid QRC20/QRC721 bugs, plus new API information and more charts up on qtum.info.


While all sorts of tech upgrades were going on behind the scenes, the Qtum team were also participating in plenty of community and global events.

In addition to their anniversary, Qtum held a global hackathon and participated in the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (G20 YEA) in Argentina. With Qtum founder Patrick Dai making an appearance to speak with hundreds of young people and organizations, Qtum has taken a clear stand on what they understand blockchain’s role to be in fomenting innovation and social change in the new generation.

To read more about Qtum’s developments of the past month, check out their September recap.

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