Starflow Set to Disrupt the Influencer Marketing Ecosystem; Presale is Live Now

The ability to control and own your digital data as well as every act of one’s life is quite reassuring and exciting. It is no doubt that privacy is a highly treasured commodity in the digital world.

Unfortunately, due data leakage as a result of online hackers or carelessness on the part of the owner of the account; the values of Blockchain which are Trust and security are still very much questioned.

This is the reason why Starflow is developing an ecosystem with the aim of ensuring content is prioritized as ‘king’.

Under this ecosystem, individuals have the privilege of owning and controlling their digital data which includes their communication and followers without the interference of a third party.

Starflow is an open platform where the incentive and dividends are placed on the highest ladder of importance

It plans to create a community online where individuals will be able to buy and sell faster exclusive contents, merchandise, and other services with the aid of starflow’s integrated cryptocurrency known as StarCoin.  David Gator the CEO and Founder, claims that the crypto and blockchain technology is evolving into 3.0 and that Starflow ICO will position the company at the forefront of this development. He further said that the company is aiming at transforming the way production consumption are monetized on social media.

The sale of the StarCoin token will be in two phases, firstly, the Pre-sale which will begin March 5, 09: 00 am CET – March 19, 09: 00 am CET. Then it will be followed by a public sale which will be the second phase. It will commence April 3, 09:00 am CET and will end May 2, 09:00 am CET.


The TGE is the brainchild of Starflow. It is Sweden’s first token generation event and it is with the help of the fundraiser that Starflow plans to achieve the creation of the ecosystem that will allow digital account owners to manage their account personally.

In the words of David Gator, Founder and CEO, ‘’An TGE is a natural next step for us. We strongly believe in tokenization and see the important benefits associated with having our own token.  By using our own token, we will be evaluated and measured on our own performance, rather being dependent on the performance of others.

This is a way for us to invite our target groups around the world to become early owners of the token, participating in developing the infrastructure and to be part of Starflow’s Journey.”

As a result of the optimistic outlook of the Starflow ecosystem, a number of contributors like Paradox founder paradox Fredrik Osterberg, and a host of others. The company is working towards reaching a wider community.

Starflow hopes to maximize the short and long term incentives in other to outgrow existing proprietary platform towards better capitalism.

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