Japanese FX Broker Traders Securities Launches New Website for Its B2B ‎Arm

Japanese FSA-regulated Traders Securities has launched a refresh of its ‎B2B brand, TRADERS LIQUIDITY, which includes a new visual identity and ‎updated online presence. ‎

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The new site provides a fresh look that is easy to ‎use and informative, ‎providing visitors with an easier ‎way to learn about what the FX liquidity provider does and how ‎to get involved.‎

In December 2016, Traders Securities announced that it is stepping into the B2B space through a dedicated liquidity solution for institutional and professional clients. TRADERS LIQUIDITY officially launched in June 2017 to allow the institutional segment to more efficiently trade, ‎finance and margin their transactions across an extensive suite of trading products including FX, precious metals, CFD indices and ‎commodities.

Founded in 1999, Traders Securities originally forged a role in the financial ‎services industry through the Japanese retail market. The ‎firm is registered and regulated by the Japan Financial Services Agency, ‎and has been one of the largest retail FX brokers in the country that is ‎known for its narrow spread offering.‎

However, despite the successful stint of Traders ‎Securities, the Japanese retail foreign exchange (FX) ‎market presents a number of challenges for brokers.‎

Japanese markets are known as cutthroat in terms of ‎competition and spreads, which inherently places a ‎disadvantage on retail brokers. ‎As such, Traders Securities has announced plans to address the increasingly complex and capital-‎constrained FX market by launching a B2B service for its institutional ‎clients.

Traders Securities was awarded the Best Retail ‎Forex Broker for 2015 by attendees at the Finance Magnates’ Tokyo ‎Summit 2015.

‎The initiative allows clients to ‎access a new source of FX liquidity while helping streamline and reduce ‎operational expenses, including legal and onboarding costs.‎ The introduction of the new service comes at a time when some clients are ‎experiencing challenges in sourcing liquidity or are facing increased funding costs in ‎a constrained market.‎

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