XTB Extends Access to ETFs and Real Stock Trading

Polish-based FX and CFD broker in XTB, has announced the extension of access to ETFs and real stock trading.

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Clients can conduct up to 5 transactions, which can amount to a maximum of 30,000 EUR in value, without paying fees. Any additional transactions will incur a fee, at a relatively competitive rate, relative to other brokers in the market.

As part of its product extension, XTB will offer access to WSE, NYSE, NASDAQ, LSE and Deutsche Borse, as well as 1,500 shares and 200 ETFs, from 16 different global stock markets. Trading on these instruments is accessible on the XTB trading platform, allowing for a centralized and diversified investment portfolio.

It is noteworthy that clients from around the world will incur a fee of 0.12% when trading on shares denominated in EUR,USD, or GBP. For trades on exchanges in Poland or Czech Republic, the fees will amount to 0.20% of the nominal value of their positions.

Finally, trading on Scandinavian exchanges will include fees of 0.12% for transactions with a minimum value of 150 DKK (Denmark), 150 NOK (Norway) 150 SEK (Sweden) and 15 EUR (Finland).

XTB clients can access the aforementioned products, including the 5 first transactions, from the company’s privately developed xStation5 platform. The broker has committed to maintaining strong execution performance, assuring an execution time of less than 60 milliseconds from the time an order is placed.

XTB has generally been at the forefront of meeting client demand. One example is their relatively early adoption of cryptocurrency CFDs as part of their product offering.

The company also knew to adjust their strategy, by suspending crypto trading in December, amid growing concerns among CFD brokers regarding the risk management strategies pertaining to digital assets, while also restoring trading access once they assessed their own reasons for the trading halt.

Despite enduring a sluggish Q4, the company still advanced its performance metrics over the course of the year.

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