Dana Perino on first night of DNC: From 'fired up and ready to go' to 'cooled off and nearly ready for bed'

Dana Perino: Dems chilled ‘mood change’ deliberate, want to talk about COVID

Dana Perino reacts to the beginning of the Democratic National Convention 

The first night of the Democratic National Convention set a tone of "trying to basically tap the brakes a little bit," Dana Perino judged Monday night.

"I have to say the mood change is deliberate by the Democrats," the former White House press secretary and "Daily Briefing" host said during Fox News' special coverage. "They want to talk about COVID-19 … they are highlighting people who are the first responders, people who have lost their lives, and their grieving families.

"That [imagery] is deliberate but it is hard to imagine a sustaining a lot of attention on this for the next several days," she added.

Perino then contrasted the mood of the 2020 virtual Democratic convention with the party's 2008 gathering in Denver, where Barack Obama received his first nomination for president.

"What was the great slogan that President Obama had? 'Fired up and ready to go,'" Perino recalled. "This is more like 'Cooled off and nearly ready for bed.'

"I don't know if that will work, but I'm looking forward to seeing how they are going to try to showcase their team," she added. "They've been defined by the Republicans and President Trump for about four weeks, now they are going to have a chance to try to do that. Can they show that they can pull together this new coalition and hold it even after the election?"

"I think that's what I'm looking for the next couple days."

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