Singapore PM’s Brother Doesn’t File to Run in Seat Father Held

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Lee Hsien Yang, the estranged brother of Singapore’s prime minster, didn’t submit nomination papers to stand as a candidate against the ruling party in the upcoming general election.

Lee, whoannounced last week he had joined the opposition Progress Singapore Party in a bid to challenge his older brother’s ruling People’s Action Party, turned up at a coffee shop Tuesday morning with other members of his party. Lee has been widely rumored as a possible candidate to contest in Tanjong Pagar, the constituency once represented by his father, founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew.

However, when the opposition party group entered the nomination centre in a neighborhood school to submit their paperwork, Lee didn’t enter with the others.

Singapore’s nine-day election campaign officially kicks off Tuesday with candidate nominations. Lee has openly and repeatedly criticized the government led by his brother, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

The PAP’s election manifesto hails its ability to steer the country through the coronavirus crisis, while numerous opposition parties will surface issues such as the expected increase in the goods-and-services tax and retrenchment insurance. Election day is July 10.

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