Trump 2020 spokesman Gidley accuses Biden supporters of rioting in American cities

Hogan Gidley on President Trump taking law and order message to Wisconsin

President Trump visits site of riots in Kenosha, pledges millions to law enforcement and local businesses; insight from Hogan Gidley, Trump campaign national press secretary.

Supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden have been wreaking havoc in America's cities all summer, Trump 2020 campaign national press secretary Hogan Gidley told "The Story" Tuesday in response to Biden's claim last week that the president is "rooting for more violence."

"There is not a single Donald Trump t-shirt in any of the videos [of violence]," Gidley told host Martha MacCallum. "It is all pro-Biden: Biden supporters are doing this to our American cities."

Gidley added, "The politics of this has really shifted things for the Democrats and the Biden campaign. It is not about politics for this president, it is about the American people. Donald Trump cares about their safety and security."

Earlier Tuesday, Trump toured businesses that had been damaged by rioting in Kenosha, Wis. that followed the police shooting of Jacob Blake Aug. 23. The president pledged that $1 million would go to Kenosha law enforcement "so you have extra money to go out and do what you have to do." He also announced $4 million to support businesses affected by the violence, and $42 million to support public safety statewide — including support for law enforcement and prosecutors.

By contrast, Gidley said, Biden and running mate Kamala Harris had an entire convention week to use a national stage to condemn left-wing violence but punted the opportunity.

"Ninety days this has been going on [in Portland], Martha. Death, destruction, looting, rioting, assault on innocent Americans," he said. "The Democrats had a convention for four days, said nothing about it. Democratic convention, Democrat-controlled cities, not a word. Joe Biden called them peaceful protests again this weekend, and then that politics started to shift.

"It turns out, the American people don't like it when their cities are set ablaze by rioters and protesters and looters, and all alike," Gidley continued. "To hear him talk right now, who does he think he is fooling, for that matter? He hasn't said a word about this for this entire time period. He pops out of the hidey-hole every once in a while to say 'Let's defund the police' and blame the police, calling them instigators of some of the violence. What do they think was going to happen?"

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