Britain goes nearly a record five days without using coal to generate power

BRITAIN went nearly five days without using coal to generate power – the longest period since the Industrial Revolution, new figures have revealed.

The National Grid said the UK went a record 114 continuous hours without coal over the weekend – smashing the previous 90 hours record.

During that time Britain was powered by sources other than coal.

And Britain has already cut its use of coal by two thirds compared to last year – going a total of more than 1,000 without needing coal to meet electricity demands so far in 2019.

It puts the country on-track to phase out coal-fired power generation entirely by 2025.

Coal now makes up just under 10 per cent of Britain’s power output.

A BEIS spokesperson said: “Decarbonising our energy system is a crucial part of our commitment to ending our contribution to global warming.

This year we’ve already reached the major milestone of 1,000 hours without using coal to power our homes and industry.

“We’re closing in on phasing out coal entirely from our power system by 2025 as our renewable sector goes from strength to strength on our path to becoming the first major economy to legislate for net zero emissions.”

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Sean Kemp, a spokesman for the National Grid, said: “We broke the record this weekend for the longest period of time without coal. The continuous period of time without any coal generation on the system was just over 100 hours.

“It’s becoming a more regular occurrence now.

“More people have installed solar, more coal is coming off and there’s more wind in the system”.

The Sun Says: Coal comfort

BRITAIN’S five consecutive days of coal-free energy is an unqualified triumph.

It demonstrates just how green we have become, going far beyond most other Western countries.

But are ministers all over the airwaves fighting back against the climate loons who brought the capital to a halt? No.

Just as on so many topics, the Government doesn’t have the confidence to speak up.

Back in the bunker, they’re so desperate to avoid confrontation that they just give in to the Twitter mobs. Inviting the Extinction Rebellion schoolkids in for tea was the worst example of the lot — firing Roger Scruton not far off.

The Tories need to rediscover their backbone.

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