Britons say Boris Johnson's 'Three Tier' local lockdown is NOT enough

Britons say Boris Johnson’s ‘Three Tier’ local lockdown is NOT enough to control coronavirus with two-thirds saying PM doesn’t have a clear plan

  • YouGov poll found the public does not believe PM’s lockdown goes far enough 
  • 40 per cent think measures should be tougher with a fifth saying balance right 
  • Nearly two thirds do not believe Boris Johnson has a clear plan for coronavirus

Britons do not believe Boris Johnson’s new ‘Three Tier’ lockdown goes far enough despite millions facing tougher curbs.

A snap YouGov poll found 40 per cent want tougher measures than the PM unveiled yesterday, compared to just 19 per cent who thought he has struck the right balance.

Another 15 per cent say the crackdown is too harsh.

Alarmingly for Downing Street, the public appears to have little faith in the government’s handling of the crisis, with 64 per cent complaining that there is no clear plan. Just 20 per cent had confidence in Mr Johnson’s strategy.

The finding held true even among Tory voters, with 45 per cent saying the premier does not have plan, while 37 per cent were supportive. 

The research was carried out largely before the extraordinary split emerged between ministers and SAGE experts over the scale of action needed to tackle the coronavirus outbreak.

It comes despite warnings that a draconian lockdown could devastate the economy, leaving millions unemployed and those still in work facing soaring tax bills. 

A snap YouGov poll found 40 per cent want tougher measures than the PM unveiled yesterday, compared to just 19 per cent who thought he has struck the right balance

Boris Johnson and Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty struck different tones on the ‘Tiered’ lockdown during a Downing Street press conference last night

The Prime Minister announced yesterday that Liverpool will be the first to go into the ‘very high risk’ category – or Tier Three – meaning pubs are shut and households banned from mixing indoors or in gardens. 

A vast swathe of the country including Greater Manchester, the West Midlands and the North East are facing Tier Two curbs which include a ban on households socialising indoors.

The rest of England will be covered by the existing social distancing guidance, Rule of Six, and 10pm curfew on bars and restaurants. 

Mr Johnson defiantly insisted at a No10 press conference that he had no intention of imposing a UK-wide squeeze that would ‘shatter’ the economy. 

But minutes of a SAGE meeting from September 21 show that is exactly what the key group was suggesting.

It presented a shortlist of options including banning all indoor contact between households, closing bars, restaurants, cafes, gyms, and hairdressers.

At the top of the list was the recommendation for a two or three week ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown with draconian measures similar to those imposed earlier in the pandemic.

‘If this were as strict and well-adhered to as the restrictions in late May, this could put the epidemic back by approximately 28 days or more,’ the dossier said. 

The rift had been on show at the Downing Street briefing, when chief medical officer Chris Whitty warned that the toughest Tier Three curbs in the new regime would not be ‘sufficient’ to control the virus.

He urged local authorities to use the ‘flexibility’ in the arrangements to impose even harsher measures. 

In a chink of light for Mr Johnson, the poll carried out last night suggested Britons do favour a local lockdown.

Some 57 per cent say the rules should be different from one area to another depending on Covid cases; 31% think rule should be the same across the country 

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