Carole Baskin speaks out against Tiger King's Doc Antle after he's charged with animal cruelty and wildlife trafficking

CAROLE Baskin has spoken out against Tiger King's Doc Antle after he was indicted on animal cruelty and wildlife trafficking charges.

She believes the wildlife trainer is the "real kingpin" of the big cat cub industry – where baby tigers and lions are bred so they can be petted and have pictures taken with the public – not jailed Joe Exotic.

Antle – real name Kevin Bhagavan Antle – was one of the stars of hit Netflix series Tiger King where it was alleged he killed tiger cubs when they were no longer cute and kept a harem of wives and girlfriends – claims he denied.

He now been charged with felony wildlife trafficking and conspiracy, plus multiple misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty by a grand jury.

A months-long investigation found Antle and the owner of a roadside zoo in Virginia had been trafficking lion cubs between Virginia and South Carolina, Attorney General Mark Herring from Frederick County, Virginia, announced on Friday.

Antle allegedly treated the animals in a "cruel, brutal or inhuman manner, so as to produce torture or unnecessary suffering."

Two of Antle's daughters have also been charged with animal cruelty.

Now Carole Baskin, who also starred in the Netflix series, has hit out at Antle – saying he was one of the most vocal opponents of the Big Cat Public Safety Act to end cub handling – which she has been campaigning for.

"I believe that Joe Schreibvogel [Joe Exotic] was the largest producer of cubs for the pay to play industry, but I think the real kingpin behind this kind of exploitation has been Kevin Bhagavan "doc" Antle," she told The Sun.

"He's just smarter and better funded than the dominos that have dropped already, but the authorities have finally caught up to him.

"Antle and Mario Tabraue, who were both in Tiger King … had been the most vocal voices against the Big Cat Public Safety Act, which ends cub handling and phases out private possession of big cats, and used lobbyist Frank Vitello to thwart our efforts to bring the bill to the floor for a vote."

A website run by Carole, called 911 Animal Abuse has carried out its own invetsigations into Antle and his Myrtle Beach Safari.

It states: "In our opinion, Kevin Antle …is one of the most notorious exploiters of tiger cubs in the country.

"Antle operates two facilities in Myrtle Beach, SC that offer cub handling and photo ops for a fee. One is a retail location called Preservation Station in a tourist area of town near the beach. The other is his zoo or park.

"He incessantly breeds tiger cubs to use to make money at these locations.

"From what we are told by visitors, the cubs are taken to the retail location where they are subjected to being placed with and handled by person after person paying to have their photos taken with the cubs for a number of hours each day.

"Then the cubs are taken back to the zoo, where they are subjected to more handling and photos.

"Antle also takes cubs on the road to exhibit far from home at fairs or other venues, forcing the tiny cubs to ride long distances in a truck only to be handled by person after person for hours to make money."

Antle could not be reached for comment.

He has previously rejected claims he mistreated animals or euthanized cubs, telling "euthanizing cubs is illegal, immoral, and absolutely never happens here and never has."

Responding to claims he has a harem of women, he added: "I am a guy that does date. I live alone in my house. I have a few girlfriends now and they certainly know about each other, but I am by no means married to anybody or have a harem like they are suggesting."

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