Dad DEFENDS pinning his daughter, 14, against garage floor after shocking video went viral

A MAN has defended violently disciplining his 14-year-old daughter in a video which has gone viral.

Andrew Anderson and his wife, the girl's stepmother were seen in the disturbing video confronting her about constantly stealing, lying and running away.

The girl is seen struggling to get away from her father who pins her down to a garage floor in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

The man also kneels on her in the video.

Her screams for her father to get off her are ignored as it appears she is being struck multiple times.

He is heard in the video saying: "I'll go to jail about you" and tells her she is a liability.

Local police have confirmed that the incident took place on September 5.

The 36 minute video was posted on Instagram live and quickly went viral on social media with many people calling authorities to request for help for the teenager.

The father has since defended his actions in the vile video.

He told Channel 2 Action News: "I don’t regret anything that was seen on video, but I do regret broadcasting the video to other people".

He added: "We had our reasons for doing it because we wanted to present information to her followers that are aiding her in giving her a place to stay because they are misinformed.

"The videos do look bad. They look a lot worse than what they really are".

He said he stands behind his actions and acted like a father who is concerned about his daughter.

"I didn’t sit on her. I didn’t put my weight down on her at any time in the video. I strictly used my knees to kind of lock her arms in while I was holding her arms to the side," he said in defence of the video.

When asked if he abused his daughter, he replied: "Never. I've disciplined my child before. I've never struck her in the face".

Anderson added that he wanted to show his daughter what could happen in case she was in a situation with somebody who wanted to cause her harm.

"My intent was to give her an experience that she could feel because she is not listening to me.

"I just hope this situation will wake her up in a sense. There’s a lot of people out there that love you and you just need to make smarter choices.

"I’m sorry it’s gotten to where it’s gotten to today."

District Attorney for Gwinnett County, Danny Porter told Fox News it was too early to discuss possible charges the father could face but said the case was being investigated.

He also said the girl is fine and currently staying with a family friend.

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