Hunt for Brice Gage Watkins, 22, accused of sexually assaulting six-month-old baby and sharing video on social media

U.S. MARSHALS join the hunt for a 22-year-old Oklahoma man seen on video sexually abusing a 6-month-old infant currently on the lam.

Brice Gage Watkins of Enid, Oklahoma is on the run after he was charged with a slew of felony counts for sending two women a video he made showing him carrying out lewd acts onto a defenseless 6-month-old baby.

Watkins was charged on August 14 in Garfield County District Court with a felony count of distribution of child pornography, and then charged with four more felonies on August 28, including manufacturing child pornography and three different counts of lewd acts to a child under 12.

On August 11, a woman contacted the Norman Police Department after Watkins sent her videos of himself molesting the small infant. The woman told police she recognized the child and the house Watkins was in as she was friends with the baby's mother.

Another woman Watkins sent the videos to also told police she recognized Watkins. The woman said Watkins sent her the videos via Facebook Messenger but she didn't open them until the next day, when she saw Watkins sexually abusing the child, which she also knew.

The woman then showed police the video Watkins had sent her, accompanied with a message he wrote "whose child is this."

Police had been searching for Watkins for over two weeks after they mistakingly identified another man for Watkins on August 14.

A 29-year-old homeless man had been taken into custody by Norman police on August 14, only for police to realize the man was not Watkins. Enid investigators even reported receiving a phone call from Norman police saying Watkins was in custody.

Norman Police Department spokeswoman Sarah Jensen said Watkins, who has no current address listed, was said to have been taking into custody by both police departments, including the Enid Police Department which asked residents to stop submitting tips of Watkins' whereabouts.

When Norman police realized their mistake, they released the 29-year-old man and continued asking the public for help in locating Watkins. Enid police didn't find out Watkins was not in custody until August 16.

Oklahoma City Police wrote in a social media post Tuesday that the U.S. Marshals had joined the Enid and Oklahoma City police departments' search for Watkins. They wrote "He could be in OKC and has ties to Norman and Enid." and are offering a $1000 reward leading to his arrest.

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