Republican senator Kelly Loeffler dumped $46k in travel stock hours before Trump announced Europe travel ban – The Sun

A SENATOR offloaded thousands of dollars in travel stock just hours before President Trump restricted travel to and from Europe.

Newly appointed Georgia Republican Senator, Kelly Loeffler, unloaded $46,000 of stock as Trump took the measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the US.

Trading analysis reveals she sold of $46,027 worth of stock from Booking Holdings on March 10 and 11 – the owner of popular travel sites KAYAK, Priceline and

She originally bought the shares on March 6 – the same day she travelled with President Trump to the CDC's headquarters in Atlanta, according to Bloomberg.

But Loeffler's office says her investment advisor made the trades.

Her spokeswoman said: "Sen. Loeffler came to Washington on a promise to be a different kind of elected official.

"She holds herself to high standards of ethics and transparency, including acting in accordance with both the letter and spirit of the law, which she has done at every step of her time in the Senate and in her lengthy career in financial services."

It comes after Loeffler sold of 27 stocks – valued between $1.275 million and $3.1 million – starting in late January until mid-February.

She was slammed again last week when it was revealed she sold $18.7 million in International Exchange stock.

Critics across the political spectrum have called on her to consider resigning or at least explain the sales.

Activist groups demanded federal officials and securities regulators investigate as well.

After she repeatedly came under fire in regards to the buying and selling of shares while Congress was grappling with the outbreak of the killer bug in the US, Sen Loeffler defended her actions, saying "I don't do trades".

Appearing on Fox News on March 23, she said: "I'm not involved in my portfolio. My husband is not involved.

"Our portfolio is managed by third parties. The actions are blind to me until they put it in front of me at the end of the reporting period.

"And I will just tell you, in that portfolio, it's absolutely false that we sold millions.

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