Stunning video shows tiny dog make daring leap from bedroom window

Meet Underdog minus the cape.

Jaw-dropping home-surveillance footage shows the moment a tiny Maryland mutt made a flying leap out of a one-story bedroom window — then pranced away unscathed, one of his owners told The Post on Friday.

“When I saw the video, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh!’” said Haylie Diaz, 20, of Odenton, who posted the now-viral video on Twitter. “But he was literally fine.”

Diaz and her cousin were hanging out in her bedroom with the 6-year-old Pekingese-Poodle mix, Smalls, on Thursday when they left for a moment — and the four-legged escape artist seized his chance.

The 8-pound pooch slipped through a broken screen and made the daring 20-foot plunge over a section of the roof and onto the lawn below, the footage shows.

It didn’t take long before Diaz and her relative noticed the dog was missing, determined he’d made the hair-raising jump — and began frantically searching the neighborhood.

“We were like, where is he?” Diaz said. “We rushed outside and started looking around for him. We found him with the neighbors.”

The dog was later taken to a veterinarian, who determined he’d suffered no injuries.

“The vet was, like, ‘whoa’— surprised there was nothing wrong,” Diaz said.

She asked her mom, Susan, to check security tapes to see the pooch’s ruff jump.

The tiny troublemaker made the animal-world jailbreak “because he likes to digs holes and roam,” Diaz said.

She added, “He’s doing great … But it wasn’t a short drop.”

The video had been liked more than 600,000 times on Twitter on Friday.

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