Tesco customer overcome after 'young girl' pays for her £69 shopping

Mother, 46, is left in tears as generous ‘young girl in red jumper’ pays for her £69 Christmas shopping bill in Tesco

  • Paula Fletcher, from Aigburth, Liverpool, was waiting at till of her local branch
  • She hoped to buy last of her festive shopping, totalling £69.09, last Thursday
  • Ms Fletcher said that her PIN was blocked even though she had sufficient funds
  • ‘Young girl’ in red jumper who was behind her in queue stepped up to pay for her 

A mother whose bank card was inexplicably blocked at a supermarket checkout sat down and cried after a kind-hearted stranger paid for her Christmas shopping.

Paula Fletcher, from Aigburth, Liverpool, was waiting at the till at her local Tesco last Thursday when she discovered there was a problem with her PIN.

The 46-year-old was hoping to purchase the last of her festive shopping, including Brussels sprouts, chocolates, and Yankee candles for presents.

However, despite having the money in her account, she was unable to pay the £69.09 for the items at the branch, in Park Road.

While Ms Fletcher stepped away to try to resolve the issue, a kind ‘young girl’ in a red jumper who was behind her in the queue paid the amount for her.

Paula Fletcher, 46, from Aigburth, Liverpool, was waiting to pay for her festive shopping at a local Tesco last Thursday – only to find her PIN inexplicably blocked. When a stranger stepped in to pay for her, Ms Fletcher sat down and cried. (Above, the £69.09 receipt for the shopping)

‘I went downstairs to unblock it but when I came back, the girl had paid,’ Ms Fletcher told the Liverpool Echo.

She continued: ‘I was overwhelmed. I had to sit down and I was crying. I think everyone has just had one of those years, haven’t they, were it’s been rubbish.’ 

The cashier told Ms Fletcher they thought the deed was linked to the new 12 Days Of Christmas Kindness craze, where people do good things for strangers in the run-up to December 25.

Ms Fletcher posted the tale to Facebook in the hope of tracking down the good Samaritan and thanking her.

Ms Fletcher had been shopping at a Tesco branch in Park Road (above). She was overcome with emotion when a ‘young girl’ in a red jumper who was behind her in the queue paid on her behalf – and now wants to track her down to thank her

Her post said: ‘I just want to thank the beautiful young lady that paid for my shopping at Park Road Tesco. I don’t know who you are, but I can’t thank you enough. You are one special person.’

Among the comments on Facebook, Teresa O’Connell said: ‘That’s lovely – I heard that a few times lately. Think people are all looking at life differently, nice to hear something like this.’

Paul Guy added: ‘Acts of kindness, especially like this, are worth more than money is! It restores our faith in humanity, and that there will always be kind people.’

And Margaret Flynn said: ‘What a lovely thing to do. Hope you have lots of good luck in the coming months. Your kindness obviously meant the world to this lady. Merry Christmas.’

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