‘2024 poll will be major event for mid/smallcaps’

‘It will dictate the flow of funds into the index. We will maintain caution on mid/smallcaps.’ Retail investors have taken to equity markets like never before, with the dematerialised (demat) account tally hitting the 132 million mark recently. Gurpreet Sidana, CEO, Religare Broking, tells Puneet Wadhwa/Business Standard in an e-mail […]

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Macro-economic Woes Weigh On Market Sentiment

Concerns about global economic growth was back in spotlight after economic data revealed an unexpected dip in imports by China. Weak industrial production data from Germany and contraction in the Eurozone in the third quarter also weighed on sentiment. Markets also reacted to Bank of Japan Governor’s hints of an […]

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GDP Numbers: Fragile, Handle With Care!

Even if no statistical jugglery is afoot, only to warn that the ‘noise’ in the numbers should be eliminated in order to hear the underlying music, without distortion, warns T N Ninan. India’s latest GDP (gross domestic product) numbers flatter, though they don’t deceive — because the underlying story is […]

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