Matrixport Research: Bitcoin to Reach $50K with ETF Approval"

As we enter 2024, the crypto realm stands poised at a crucial juncture marked by projections, debates, and, most importantly, the prospect of a Bitcoin ETF approval. The year begins with excitement and hesitation as investors brace for potential shifts in Bitcoin’s trajectory. 

Exciting times are ahead, right? Read on!

Matrixport’s Bold Predictions

Financial giant Matrixport’s latest report has stirred excitement by forecasting substantial growth for Bitcoin in 2024, marking a 95% probability of an approved spot ETF. Here’s a sneak peek into their projections.

According to Matrixport Research, Bitcoin will hit the $50,000 milestone in January 2024 if the US SEC greenlights ETFs. With ETF approval deemed highly likely by the firm, recent Bitcoin prices soared to $44,000 while ETF applicants continued their discussions with the SEC.

Bullish Scenarios

The report highlights Bitcoin’s potential ascent to $50,000 upon ETF approval. Recent interactions between investment manager Blackrock and the SEC further indicate preparations for a spot ETF launch.

Grayscale’s meeting with SEC officials on December 19, 2023, revolved around converting Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) into a Bitcoin ETF. The discussions centered on the proposed rule change for listing and trading Grayscale Bitcoin Trust shares. Similar engagements between Blackrock and the SEC hint at a potential iShares Bitcoin Trust listing. 

Diverging Views: Bull vs. Bear Scenarios

While Matrixport’s bullish stance dominates headlines, QCP Capital injects a note of caution. Their perspective forecasts resistance zones between $45,000 and $48,500 post-ETF launch, anticipating a potential retracement to $36,000 before another upswing. This juxtaposition illustrates the spectrum of market expectations post-ETF initiation, hinting at a possible ‘sell the news’ dynamic.

SEC’s Tug-of-War on Approval Terms

Conversely, amid the anticipation, discussions arise regarding conditional approvals. Fox Business’ Charles Gasparino suggests that SEC confidence looms around Bitcoin ETF approval post-January 8, possibly with stringent measures to counter money laundering risks. The SEC’s balancing act between enabling ETFs and averting illicit activities sets a critical stage for the decision-making window between January 8 and 10.

The unfolding drama leaves the crypto community eagerly awaiting the SEC’s verdict. Will the anticipated ETF approvals steer the Bitcoin market to new heights, or will the initial enthusiasm encounter hurdles? As the regulatory landscape takes center stage, the crypto space braces for an eventful start to the year.

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