Next-Generation Blockchains Providing Scalable Solutions

Next-generation blockchains are helping pioneer blockchains like Ethereum scale their operations amid network congestion due to mass adoption. During the past decade, blockchain technology particularly the tokenization aspect has gained traction, thanks to huge institutional demand. In a bid to help keep up with the growing demand for cheap, fast, […]

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Bridgewater Associates CFO heads to Bitcoin-focused firm

Departing his position as the chief financial officer of Bridgewater Associates, John Dalby will assume the post of chief financial officer for Bitcoin-focused tech and finance company NYDIG. “The NYDIG team and I are extremely excited to welcome John,” NYDIG CEO and co-founder Robert Gutmann said in a public statement […]

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Changpeng Zhao: The Herd Mentality Is Hurting Crypto

Sometimes, the only way to keep a financial market alive is to think for yourself, and according to Changpeng Zhao – the CEO of Binance, the world’s largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchange – the herd mentality is really doing some heavy damage to the digital asset space. Changpeng Zhao […]

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