Tube driver who chanted 'free free Palestine' is interviewed by police

EXCLUSIVESuspended Tube driver who sparked fury by leading chant of ‘free free Palestine’ on Underground train is interviewed by police

  • Video from October showed ‘Free Palestine’ chant being led on the train speaker
  • The driver has now attended a police station where he was interviewed by police

A tube driver who led a chant of ‘free free Palestine’ on a London underground train has been interviewed by police who are investigating the incident.

British Transport Police detectives launched a probe after public fury over the chant as around 100,000 protesters took part in a pro-Palestinian demo.

Footage posted online showed the chant being led over the train’s speaker system. It was travelling on the Central Line at the time.

The driver said ‘free free’ to which some on the train replied ‘Palestine’ – which is a popular chant at demonstrations.

In the middle of the chant, he asked passengers: ‘Louder, please, louder!’ Before people were let off the carriage, he finished: ‘Hope you all have a blessed day and look after yourselves.’

In a video shared online back in October of what appears to show a tube driver leading a chant of ‘Free, free Palestine’ for the hundreds of passengers

Those on the tube carriage could be seen joining in with the driver’s chant

Footage was shared online and was viewed tens of thousands of times. 

Now the driver has attended a police station where he was interviewed by police officers investigating the chant.

Today, a British Transport Police spokesman told MailOnline: ‘The train driver has attended a voluntary interview with officers and an investigation into the incident remains ongoing.’

It is understood he is still suspended by Transport for London.

The march took place in central London back in October.

Demonstrations have been marred in controversy with some protesters holding vile signs with the Nazi symbol and photos of Adolf Hitler.

Numerous arrests have taken place against those accused of holding offensive signs.

A source said: ‘The incident is being taken seriously enough for the driver to be interviewed by officers.

‘It caused a lot of upset at the time. The driver is still thought to be suspended and has not been back at work.’

At the time, the Israeli Embassy said: ‘It is deeply troubling to see such intolerance on London’s Tubes… public transport should be a place of safety and inclusivity for all.’

The chant was criticised by minister for London Paul Scully who said Tube staff should ‘focus on the day job’ and warned against stoking tension in the capital.

TfL was approached for comment.

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