Blockchain Firm SUKU, DreamView Studios Partner To Create Physical And Virtual Product Ecosystem

Blockchain startup SUKU has teamed with DreamView Studios to enable virtual product representation in the SUKU ecosystem, from production of goods, to consumption by end-customers. SUKU provides global supply chain solution based on blockchain technology. It aims to make supply chains more efficient, transparent, and collaborative by offering a supply-chain-as-a-service […]

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Digital Asset Protocol Ampleforth Integrates Chainlink Oracles

Ampleforth, a digital-asset-protocol for producing smart commodity-money, has announced that it will be the first monetary asset to use Chainlink oracles to aggregate secure and timely off-chain pricing data for its protocol. Ampleforth, formerly Fragments, is a digital asset protocol for creating fair, independent money. The Ampleforth protocol moves volatility […]

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MOBI to Develop Mobility Payments Network for Machine-to-Machine Transactions Based on Blockchain  | BTCMANAGER

MOBI, the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative, is exploring blockchain for use in a new digital mobility ecosystem that could make transportation safer, more affordable, and more widely accessible. According to reports from Bloomberg on December 8, the non-profit organization is developing a blockchain-based payment network that allows for machine-to-machine transactions. […]

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