ABBC Foundation Just Joined Hands With TNC Group’s Real Research

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ABBC Foundation recently signed a partnership agreement with TNC Group’s Real Research project. This partnership was a strategic move allowing ABBC to soon be used as a reward coin in the Real Research platform. By increasing user participation and using ABBC Coins as a reward system on the Real Research app, both platforms are expected to grow further.

Real Research is thrilled by this partnership. Sponsors on the portal have always been able to buy the original reward coin directly on the platform. Similarly, ABBC Coin can also soon be bought through the Sponsor Portal. The purchase can either be completed on a crypto exchange or via PayPal.

Once the purchase is completed, ABBC Coin can then be given out as reward coins to every individual who completes answering a survey. More impressively, the Real Research Sponsor Portal can now accommodate purchases for PayPal’s enormous and ever-expanding user base. Each one can begin purchasing ABBC Coin on the platform.

Real Research is a project with over 3,000,000 users all over the world. It aims to bring value not just for individuals but for companies as well. The team provides a blockchain-based research platform for academic institutions, companies, and research organizations. Real Research gathers the experience of experts in market research and offers credible personalized surveys leveraging blockchain and Big Data technology.

Meanwhile, ABBC has been selected as the next new reward coin on the Real Research platform due to the technology behind its blockchain. It’s a high-performance blockchain network that can handle up to 5,000 transactions per second. The ABBC Generation 2.0 blockchain utilizes the delegated proof-of-stake Byzantine fault tolerance pipeline consensus that delivers high scalability. The Project technical team is constantly working on its overall development.

Clearly, ABBC is expecting a boost in the number of users to more than 100,000,000 within this year. The ABBC team expects to see a large boost in its number of users after the implementation. Both teams are excited for this partnership as it will bring value to the ABBC ecosystem and increase the audience of Real Research as well.

The ABBC team expresses its loyal support for Real Research. According to the team, integrating ABBC Coin into the Real Research platform to be used as a future reward coin by its ever-growing user base will be a huge milestone for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

ABBC also stated that it has been a pleasure working with the whole Research team. Now, the Real Research team hopes to take things even further with the expected addition of ABBC Coin in the reward system. The Future of Payments Security has always been its goal and the team continues to achieve its purpose. For now, this is just the beginning of its huge contributions to the crypto and blockchain market.

The Real Research team keeps on improving its application features and developing its sponsor portal with the integration of TNC coins as its reward points. Soon, the platform will gain more clientele with ABBC Coin on the list. Now, users can enjoy the Real Research app by participating in its public and private surveys.

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