BeforeCoinMarketCap (BCMC) Aims To Make Your Crypto Price Tracking Easier!

The cryptocurrency market is growing at a rapid pace and it can be a grueling challenge to keep up with the daily – or even hourly – prices. BeforeCoinMarketCap (BCMC), a new daily planning platform, aims to solve this problem by allowing users to find up-to-date information and prices of specific cryptos they are tracking.

An email sent to our desks states the tracking platform aims to reduce the hustle of finding your select coins amongst a huge list of coins – whether big cap or small-cap. Additionally, users can also track their portfolio by simply entering their wallet address and start receiving regular updates on any activity relating to their token straight to their email or Telegram.

While the big tracking platforms such as CoinMarketCap and Coingecko focus on offering information on already established projects. However, in the crypto world, there is a big opportunity to profit from buying in early from projects that are relatively unknown – gaining a potential ‘alpha’. BCMC will differentiate itself from the other tracking platforms by offering lesser-known projects and even those that are yet to be listed.

“BCMC differs because its focus is on new projects and tokens that may currently be unlisted, or have low or even zero trading volume,” the statement reads. “Nonetheless, some of these projects will have the potential to become the large-cap assets of tomorrow.”

An opportunity to earn with BeforeCoinMarketCap

The overall crypto market has become accustomed to tokenized incentives. To this light, BCMC is also launching its own token, BCMC1 tokens, that will be distributed to verified projects on the tracking platform. Contributors who “announce” and submit their own project info to BCMC will be eligible to earn the BCMC1 tokens, once verified.

The BCMC1 tokens will also be rewarded to users that participate in their referral program and introducing new contributors to the platform. The incentives aim to boost the community interaction on BCMC’s platform while rewarding worthy contributions such as notifying them on new exchange listings ICOs, and airdrops. The tokens are set to start trading on P2PB2B exchange on Feb 1, and it is also planned to listing on February 3 on the TOKPIE exchange.

The platform will save time for users offering an interactive and user-friendly platform to track and manage their crypto assets. It is important to note that BCMC does not operate as a subsidiary to CoinMarketCap in any way.

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