Dvision Network to Bridge to Binance Smart Chain for Increased Blockchain Interoperability, Less Transaction Fees

To make things easier to understand, the above dashboard is the user interface of the ERC-20 = BEP-20 transfer bridge that is primed to live roughly next week.

More information pertaining to guidelines for the use cases of the DVI on BSC will be shared with the Dvision Network community later, presumably right before the BEP-20 = ERC-20 DVI Bridge goes live on BSC.

About Dvision Network

Dvision Network is a VR content ecosystem powered by blockchain technology. Dvision Network offers a wide range of VR-based products and services such as NFT-Market, Meta-Space, and Meta-City, among others. 

The team at Dvision Network boasts of VR industry veterans and stalwarts that are committed to bringing the project’s vision to fruition. To know more about what’s in the pipeline for the Dvision Network community, check out the project’s roadmap here.

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