Singapore Based BitXmi Exchange Offers Exciting Features to Global Userbase

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The BitXmi exchange continues to grow in popularity both in its home country of Singapore, and with customers around the world. This is thanks in large part to their commitment to lower overall fees, an excellent selection of top tradable assets, and a growing number of exciting features that they are offering. If you haven’t yet tried out the BitXmi exchange, take a moment to learn more about it and see
if it is a good option for you.

Profitable Staking & Other Growth Opportunities

One of the most popular features of this exchange is that they allow you to stake your crypto assets right within their system. For the assets that allow staking, it is a great way to grow your investment over time.
This is possible for cryptocurrencies that use the proof of stake mining technique, which allows those who hold a certain amount of the asset to help verify transactions on the blockchain. You are then
compensated through the various block fees that are generated.

In addition to staking, you can also keep your coins and tokens locked up in their wallets to help generate liquidity on the system. This helps with the functioning of the exchange itself, and you can earn interest
on your holdings over time.

Reduced Fees for Holding BXMI

The BitXmi exchange has also launched their own token, which is used in a variety of ways throughout the exchange. Those who hold this token, for example, are given reduced fees on all their trades on the

This platform is known for having some of the lowest fees in the industry, so having the ability to reduce them even further is a big selling point for many people. Those who engage in day trading or make
frequent transactions will be able to save significantly.

Of course, the BXMI token is also able to be bought and sold on its own. Many exchange tokens have been exceptionally successful at increasing in value over the past year. Holders believe that this token
has a strong potential to follow that trend.

One of the Safest Exchanges

One of the most important things about any crypto exchange is going to be the way that they protect your assets. BitXmi has really put a focus on making sure that all the assets under their management are
protected at all times. The first thing they have done to ensure this is to insure them through a private third-party insurance provider. This means if something should happen to your investment while it is on
this platform, you will be reimbursed.

The other major thing they do is store funds that are being held in cold storage wallets. This means that rather than having your assets in active wallets on their system, they are kept entirely offline. Even if a
hacker were able to break through their military grade security systems, they would not be able to access the vast majority of the assets on the platform.

Check it Out Today

If you are looking for a great exchange that has over 40 trading pairs, an easy to navigate user interface, and many other great benefits, BitXmi is here for you.

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