Smart MFG Tech Provides Updates on Supply Chain DeFi

Manufacturing Industry 4.0 company, Smart MFG Tech, has updated its online community on what’s ahead for Q1 2021. Its goals continue with the company’s focus on digital transformation and promoting new data mobilization technologies such as IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things).

After a relaunch of the Smart MFG GUI website, integration of the MFG token on centralized and decentralized exchanges, and ongoing partnerships with companies such as SyncFab, the network is experiencing steady growth. Smart MFG is now at work with its remaining milestones for the year. These include greater community decentralization, more partnerships with supply chain buyers, manufacturing suppliers and platforms, liquidity partners, 3PL logistics providers, material suppliers, and a liquidity regeneration program.

The team also shared forward-looking use cases in supply chain DeFi solutions. “MFG Supplier Incentive Reward Programs are a new way to reward time connecting supply chains with blockchain. MFG helps manufacturers rebuild supply chains for Industry 4.0 by implementing a new system where time is compensated, sensitive information is kept secure, and suppliers get rewarded for maintaining a responsive supply chain using MFG ERC20 Digital Tokens allow OEM businesses to reward suppliers amongst a diverse and growing ecosystem,” they explained.

Smart MFG Tech is a blockchain company focused on Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation and promoting new data mobilization technologies, including IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) for use within the manufacturing industry. 

Smart MFG Tech promotes digital transformation of industrial manufacturing supply chains using blockchain as a key building block of Industry 4.0. MFG Tokens® incentivize collaboration and speed across supply chains and can be used to create custom rewards and compensate manufacturers for time and accuracy put into competitive tender bids. 

The token integration use case applications in Manufacturing Supply Chains include asset tokenization, advanced supplier incentive programs and supply chain decentralized finance innovation. Smart MFG partnerships:

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