Two Prominent Crypto Analyst Team Up To Discuss Little-Known Altcoins

Popular crypto trader and influencer Ben Armstrong has teamed up with Crypto Rich to discuss which little-known altcoins have the most potential. 

Speaking in a recent YouTube update, Ben Armstrong and analyst Crypto Rich featured several privacy-focused altcoins, saying each had the potential to change the industry of cryptocurrency. 

Crypto Rich highlighted the impact of Ether-1 (ETHO), a project that allows users to earn passive income via hosting bandwidth and nodes. 

He said:

It allows for decentralized web posting. So people can host their websites on the Ether-1 network and earn passive income doing so as well as provide bandwidth to the network by running nodes

Rich said it allowed for the commitment to freedom of expression, noting that websites hosted on Ether-1 would be safe from takedown attempts. 

The popular crypto trader was also bullish on the decentralized virtual private network (dVPN) project Sentinel (SENT). Rich highlighted the value of a decentralized VPN, saying it could operate in numerous locations, thereby buffering the project from regulatory and government pressure. 

Rich rounded out his top three picks with PirateChain (ARRR), calling the currency the “most secure and the most private” of all privacy-centric coins. 

He continued:

Once [a transaction] goes to your wallet, nobody knows how much is in your wallet, whether you sent any out, to where to who you send me ARRR coins nobody else will know. There’s no data on the blockchain to analyze, nothing.

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