YIELD App + Launchpool = Corporate Account, Yield Farming

As the decentralized Finance (DeFi) space grows past $40 billion in total value locked, it garners the attention of industry-leading organizations ready to innovate within it and help democratize the space.

DeFi wealth management platform YIELD App has now partnered with decentralized project launchpad platform Launchpool to ensure projects have access to higher YIELD’s highest available APY and can farm YLD tokens.

As a result of the partnership, YIELD App is offering projects that raise funds through Launchpool access to its YIELD App Corporate Account, which involves an allocation of 20,000 YLD tokens that ensure access to the platform’s highest APY of up to 20%.

The YIELD App Corporate account is a secure digital treasury for business assets, allowing organizations to safely store corporate funds while earning APY that elsewhere would only be available through complex staking and farming processes.

Access to the YIELD App Corporate Account also grants projects access to a dedicated Account Management Team and a premier user experience, allowing corporate customers access to stress-free digital asset management experience so they can focus on the development of their projects.

The premier user experience grants projects access to additional funds, fiat ramps, in-app token swaps for each token pair, and card services that will be launched in the near future.

Moreover, Launchpool users will be able to farm up to 1.4 million YLD tokens by staking LPOOL on the Launchpool platform.  Tim Frost, CEO of YIELD App, said:

Launchpool’s mission to provide an equal playing field for investors of all sizes to participate in new project launches is entirely in line with YIELD App’s philosophy of making DeFi and its opportunities for wealth creation available to everyone, regardless of levels of capital or experience.

Frost added the partnership marks another step in YIELD App’s journey to widen corporate participation on its platform. The app is designed to offer both individuals and institutions the chance to earn market-leading APYs on digital assets.

Launchpool, on the other hand, leverages communities, knowledge, expertise, contacts, and capital to give cryptocurrency projects an initial boost and maximize their chances of success in the innovative DeFi space. Projects fundraising on the platform and holding LPOOL tokens have the same access to deals as private sale investors do.

The CEO of Launchpool, Richard Simpson, pointed out the YIELD App “represents the quality and ethos of partner Launchpool seeks to work with,” and added:

Tim and his team have built a quality product and service that is open to all. We think their offering allows participants in the space to benefit from all the opportunities without having a lot of the headaches. We are pleased to offer the YIELD App Corporate Account as a trusted custodian and treasury management solution.

The partnership was facilitated by Alphabit, one of the eight founding funds to seed Launchpool. Alphabit specializes in investments in blockchain projects, with the goal of sharing expertise with promising projects and advance the cryptocurrency movement.

Both YIELD App and Launchpool are interested in continuing to democratize the DeFi space, helping retail investors participate in the most innovative new projects from the start.

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