Bitcoin's Addresses Growth and Metrics 'Look Terrible' – BTC Analyst

Bitcoin Whales Who Sold at the Top, Are Yet to Start Accumulating

Secondly, Mr. Edwards pointed out that the Bitcoin whales who sold their bags as BTC pushed towards $64.8k, are yet to start buying. He went on to share the following chart highlighting the drop in the number of Bitcoin whales, holding more than 1k since BTC set its most recent all-time high.

Bitcoin’s New Address Growth Has Dropped to Levels Last Seen in Early 2018

Thirdly, Mr. Edwards pointed out that new address growth on the Bitcoin network has dropped to levels last seen in early 2018 during the market crash of that cycle. He further provided the following chart to demonstrate this fact.

Bitcoin’s Address Metrics Look ‘Awful’, ‘Terrible’

It is with the above data and charts that Mr. Edwards went on to conclude that Bitcoin’s on-chain metrics with respect to addresses, paint a bearish picture as opposed to what many traders and analysts have been sharing on social media. An excerpt of his analysis of the situation can be found below.

I keep seeing posts on bullish Bitcoin address growth, but every address metric for Bitcoin looks awful…

These metrics can change quickly.

But for now, Bitcoin addresses metrics look terrible.

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