easyMarkets Offers µBTC Account – Customers can Deposit, Trade, and Withdraw BTC

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easyMarkets µBTC account promises attractive features

With the new µBTC account, easyMarkets enables customers to trade any of the 200+ CFD instruments based on currency pairs, shares, indices, commodities, metals, or options, directly, without the need to exchange Bitcoin into fiat, bringing crypto closer to its large audience of traders. 

Even though Bitcoin is the account base currency, that does not mean all the usual trading features had been ignored. A µBTC account carries some of the tightest fixed spreads in the industry, there is no slippage when using the easyMarkets proprietary platforms, negative balance protection continues to be granted, and with the use of free guaranteed stop loss and take profits, customers can keep risk under control when market conditions are challenging. 

Ohad Golan, CMO at easyMarkets, spoke about the new feature on May 17th, highlighting the importance of allowing customers to use BTC, as well as the massive performance witnessed by Bitcoin over the past year:

“We are excited about offering our traders the ability to deposit, withdraw and trade with their Bitcoin funds. As Bitcoin approached the critical 1 trillion dollar market cap level, more and more people bought into the impressive rally, including our clients. With their funds in Bitcoin though they aren’t able to trade outside of an exchange until now. That is why this new type of account gives our clients even more freedom and choice when trading with easyMarkets.”

Trading using BTC with easyMarkets is advantageous also because the brand currently holds licenses with several important regulators across the world, having the ability to provide professional trading services for a very diverse audience of traders. This brokerage is committed to ensuring protection for clients and their assets, operating in a transparent way since its inception. 

Opening a µBTC account is simple

It does not matter if customers have a solid trading background or are just getting started, given the µBTC account is available for everyone, also with an easy signup process. Traders need to create an easyMarkets account, select Microbitcoin as their base currency, verify the account and identity, only to ultimately fund the account by scanning the provided QR code. 

Launching a trading account denominated in BTC represents an important milestone in the retail brokerage industry and easyMarkets is the brand behind it. Bitcoin users now have an additional option on their list for how to use their crypto holdings. 

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