Musk Changes Avatar After Keiser Says Fuck Elon

The ‘high priest’ of bitcoin, Max Keiser, opened very energetically an interview with Microstrategy’s Michael Saylor.

“We’re not selling,” Keiser shouted to the audience of some 12,000 bitcoiners to cheers. “We’re not selling,” he added before saying “fuck Elon.”

Shortly after Elon Musk changed his Twitter avatar to a bitcoin girl with laser eyes as pictured.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, was not at Bitcoin Miami with it unclear whether he was invited.

He is accused of exerting almost manipulative influence over bitcoin and other cryptos with his prolific tweets to his 50 million followers to the point even Anonymous got annoyed.

He has now began tweeting little known silly meme tokens which do have a price and thus do move up and down.

Some compare it to John Mcafee during the 2017 bull run who likewise had bots following his every tweet.

Mcafee used to just name some coin or token and it would almost insta go up to then usually rek again, with it unclear whether Musk plans to likewise publicly play the vast crypto casino.

Mcafee however never exerted any influence over bitcoin, while Musk publicly criticized bitcoin to argue doge can be better, the joke coin.

It remains unclear just what his intentions are with it ranging between just an idiot playing on twitter for meme fame, to a billionaire and the world’s wealthiest man trying to cause chaos to halt or more likely delay the rise of cryptos by showing they a ‘joke.’

If the latter, then it should make bitcoin just that much stronger since it is no joke. If the former, well every bull market has them.

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