Puppy Planet — a Play-to-Earn Blockchain Game, Raises an Additional $100k in USDT ahead of Launch on ABEYCHAIN

Puppy Planet, a play-to-earn blockchain game planning to launch on the high throughput and scalable ABEYCHAIN platform, has completed the second round of the PUP token and the initial “Blind Box” sales.

Puppy Planet Raises $100k in USDT in the Second PUP Token Sale

As per a press release on November 12, the developers of Puppy Planet sold 1.2 million PUP tokens worth $100k in USDT in just three minutes!

One day later on November 13, the game offered its first “Blind Box” sale, which promptly completed in only fifteen minutes.  

The speed of these sales is another sign of the growth of ABEYCHAIN, which just recently won “Blockchain Solution of the Year” at the AIBC Europe 2021 Awards in Malta. 

With the team releasing more tokens and giving its holders a chance to own a “Blind Box”, Puppy Planet is building a solid ground for onboarding ahead of the game launch. 

Details of the Second PUP Token and “Blind Box” Sales

During the second round of the PUP sale on the ABEY 2.0 wallet, only 1k ABEY addresses were allowed to participate. 

Besides, the maximum cap stood at 100 USDT or 1.2k PUP tokens. 

Each whitelisted address couldn’t be recycled, taming any attempt of whale activity. 

Under the “Blind Box” sale, 3k assets of Ancient Puppy Gacha sold for 1.2k PUP and 2k Legend Puppy Gacha available for 1.5k PUP. 

The Ancient Puppy Gacha can only hatch a common-level puppy. 

However, the Legend Puppy Gacha, which is rarer, can hatch all levels of puppies– Common, Rare, Super Rare, SSR, or SSSR. 

The higher the level, the rarer and more  valuable the puppy. Each of these puppies has random elements and attributes, as in any game NFT.

In total, there were 5k Blind Boxes, with each asset made up of any of the 75 images of puppies that may hatch from the blind box. 

These assets wouldn’t be reissued. As such, they potentially stand to be rare assets once the Puppy Planet blockchain game officially launches. 

Puppy Planet Raised $500k From the First Fundraiser

During the first PUP token sale round on October 28, the developer disbursed 7.5 million tokens to 5k ABEY addresses, raising $500k in USDT in less than seven hours. 

With the success of the second token sale, there are now more PUP tokens available for gamers who want to sign up for the upcoming launch. 

It is an especially exciting opportunity for gamers since they now have an early-entry opportunity to participate in the expanding blockchain gaming ecosystem while also being part of the wildly popular crypto canine token holder march. 

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