RemiBit: The Platform Offering World-Class Crypto Ecommerce Solutions for Merchants

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Since the launch of cryptocurrency, many crypto-based solutions have continuously been introduced to accelerate mainstream adoption. In some countries like China, cryptocurrency is already a cash alternative. Due to the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies, businesses worldwide are integrating crypto payment methods. 

However, many merchants are a little bit hesitant to accept crypto payments. There is no proper education on receiving, storing, invoicing, and doing other accounting-related services for crypto. 

A new product, RemiBit, has launched to provide crypto payments and accounting services for merchants. 

RemiBit in a Nutshell

RemiBit is an innovative crypto platform providing multiple cryptocurrency commerce services. Primarily, RemiBit will feature all ranges of cryptocurrency commerce services, including sending and receiving crypto payments.

This non-custodial payment gateway aims to attract thousands of small businesses, thus accelerating crypto mainstream adoption. Since crypto is the future of finance, upcoming businesses need to use cryptocurrency in their daily activities, and merchants need to satisfy their clients by accepting cryptocurrency as a means of payment. 

RemiBit currently supports eight top crypto assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether USD (ERC20), Litecoin, Zcash, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, and Commercium. 

The Features of RemiBit

RemiBit Wallet

RemiBit provides a non-custodial web-based crypto wallet. This web-based tool works well with the RemiBit application for merchants providing seamless integration and automated options. Moreover, RemiBit allows users to integrate other external wallets as long as they can generate XPUB files. 

The RemiBit wallet is non-custodial; hence the company’s motto, Your keys, your crypto. You are completely in control of your wallet and the private keys are at your disposal, never available to RemiBit. 

Integrated with Exchanges

The RemiBit platform integrates crypto exchange platforms, making it easy for merchants to exchange crypto to fiat if they wish so. Currently, the platform has integrated the Kraken exchange, and will add more exchanges in the future. 

You can perform manual exchange operations as deposit and sell, program automatic deposit and sell operations based on time or balance, and also use the InstaSell™ feature to deposit and sell in one click.

Invoice Generator

The Invoice Generator service is designed to help freelancers and professionals create invoices and send them to their clients. After sending the invoice, the professional can track all the payment status until it is fully paid. 

When you want to generate an invoice, click on the ‘Invoice Generator’ function in the dashboard and fill in the required details. Afterward, you can click to ‘generate’ or ‘send’ the invoice.

Point of Sale Application

Point of sale application is designed to enable physical stores to accept crypto payments. It is a portable web-based application, and merchants can use it in any computer or mobile device.

This PoS has a calculator showing the coins your business accepts and their fiat values. EUR, USD, GBP, CAD, JPY, etc., are the main fiat currencies available. When customers choose to pay in crypto, the merchant will type the fiat amount, choose a crypto to be paid in, and the system will display a QR code for the shoppers to scan and pay with their mobile crypto wallet. RemiBit Wallet can also be used for this purpose, as it’s a full featured wallet.

RemiBit Direct

Generally, every business interacts with other entities when purchasing stock and getting additional services. The RemiBit direct option is designed to streamline trading between businesses (B2B) by sending the crypto easily using the business’ RemiBit ID.

How to Start Using The RemiBit Platform

The RemiBit platform implants a user-friendly dashboard to make its services easy to reach. Here is a short guide on how to start up:

  • Register your business with the email address and other necessary details. You will fill a form to show the physical address of your business and some other relevant information. Select the ‘physical store / professional’ option if your business is not online.

  • If you’re applying as an online store, you will need to verify with an email in the same domain of the store and with a mobile phone. Getting verified grants you the €500 allowance in the Starter tier.

  • After verifying, select the tier you want to access. The default is the free tier (Starter). In each of the levels, you can choose to either make monthly or annual payments. By paying annually, your average fee at the end of the year is lower.

  • Before using the platform’s services like Point of Sale, Invoice Generator, RemiBit Direct, and the exchange function, you must integrate the RemiBit Wallet.

  • Creating the RemiBit Wallet is also straightforward. You open the wallet icon and fill in the details required, including a second-layer six digit PIN protection. It’s important to remember the pin and login details since you’ll use them when performing any wallet operation. Moreover, if you lose your details, you lose complete access to your wallet.

  • To integrate your wallet with the merchant app, you need to visit the settings section, select Wallet Integration, choose the coins to accept, and click the ‘Integrate Wallet’ button. A new box opens where you can fill in the required details (password and pin) and finish the integration process.

  • After successfully integrating your wallet, the next step involves setting up the coins functions, e.g. accepting payments. By default all coins are enabled; you can choose to disable any of them.

After successfully integrating your wallet, you can now easily use all the services provided for your tier level. 

Benefits of RemiBit

Favorable Charges

Remibit provides excellent and competitive pricing options to ensure the users have choices. For instance, it has three levels starting with:

  • Starter – The starter option is free for sales in crypto up to EUR 500. A 1% fee applies above this threshold for completing transactions.

  • Advanced – The Advanced tier costs EUR 19 every month, with a sales allowance level of EUR 3,000. The fee charged is 0.75% of the transactions above this threshold, and the Advanced tier has all Starter features plus others like manual exchange.

  • Pro – Costing EUR 39 monthly, the fee charged is 0.5%, and it contains all the RemiBit features, including the RemiBit Direct feature. The sales allowance of the Pro tier is EUR 10,000.

There is also an additional Enterprise level for high volume clients, with custom allowance and fee. 

Highly Secure

Since the platform is non-custodial, the users have complete control of their assets. Therefore, there will never be claims of funds stolen from the RemiBit platform. Moreover, there is a 2 Factor Authentication mechanism and API key permission function for the exchange feature in Advanced and Pro tiers.

Fast and User Friendly

This platform will be detecting transactions in a matter of seconds and start working on them immediately. It’s user-friendly since the process of setting up the platform takes a very short time.

Moreover, it provides multiple language options, including English, Russian, and Spanish. 


Since this platform has a web app, any device connected to the web and using modern browsers will easily access the services. There are also mobile apps in Google Play Store and Apple Store. 

Final Word

RemiBit is a new crypto platform designed to assist merchants in integrating and accepting cryptocurrency payments. The platform has a user-friendly interface that everyone, including beginner crypto users, can use. 

Currently, the platform has plugins for ecommerce platforms like opencart, OS Commerce, Drupal Commerce, Magento, and many more. 

This platform is going to help accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies worldwide. Once small businesses start accepting crypto payments, many governments will join the race for CBDCs, which RemiBit will also integrate, and ultimately blockchain technology will fulfill its goal to become the world business hub. 

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