Here's how much the winners (and losers) of the 2021 Super Bowl will earn

Defending Super Bowl Champions the Kansas City Chiefs will face off against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the first team in NFL history to play in a Super Bowl in their home stadium, on Sunday February 7. Kick-off is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. ET.

This year's champion will earn $130,000 per player for the big game, according to the NFL's collective bargaining agreement with the Players Association. Players on the losing team will each receive $65,000.

The Buccaneers have already collected $125,000 per player in post-season pay. That includes $33,000 for winning the wild card round, $33,000 for winning the divisional playoffs and $59,000 for winning the conference championship.

The Chiefs have earned $122,000 per player so far. Because the Chiefs were a first round bye in the wild card round, they received $3,000 less than players on teams that played and won their wild card round.

If the Buccaneers are victorious on Sunday, their total post-season winnings will be $255,000 per player. If the Chiefs come out on top, their total winnings will be $252,000 per player.

For players to qualify for the full post-season earnings, including the Super Bowl bonus, they have to be on their team's active or inactive list for at least three previous games, per the CBA. Every player who qualifies will receive the same amount, regardless of their position.

Players who were on either team's active or inactive list for at least eight games during the season, even if they aren't now, are also eligible for the bonuses. Players who were on either list for three to seven games will receive half the bonus amounts.

The highest-paid player on the field this year is Tom Brady, with an average annual salary of $25 million. This Sunday will mark Brady's tenth Super Bowl appearance. He already has a record six Super Bowl championships under his belt and has been Super Bowl MVP a record four times.

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