The 3 best men's multivitamins of 2021, backed by medical experts

  • The CDC says proper vitamin levels are key for disease prevention and overall health.
  • Though healthy eating habits are a priority, a multivitamin can help fill in dietary gaps.
  • Our top pick, NOW Adam Superior Men’s Multi, is cheap and has the DV of vital nutrients.
  • This guide was medically reviewed by Jason R. McKnight, MD, a family medicine physician and clinical assistant professor at Texas A&M College of Medicine.

Multivitamins are a way to help ensure you hit 100% of the US Daily Value (DV) for essential nutrients. First and foremost, you should prioritize a healthy, whole-food diet.  

But considering most people in the U.S. don’t eat enough nutrient-rich produce daily, multivitamins can serve as “nutrition assistance” if your diet is lacking in essential vitamins and minerals, Julie Garden-Robinson, PhD, RD, nutrition and food safety professor at North Dakota State University, told Insider. And in fact, a 2020 study in BMJ Open found people who integrated multivitamins into their daily routine felt healthier. 

While women have more specific nutritional needs — like more iron when they’re menstruating — men’s vitamin and mineral needs don’t fluctuate much aside from age, and even then, just barely, said C. Michael White, PharmD, department head of University of Connecticut’s pharmacy practice and dietary supplement researcher.

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So, while you’ll see vitamins on the shelf targeted at “over 50” or “active men,” Garden-Robinson and the standing USDA recommendations confirm these specialty vitamins are unnecessary — most high-quality multivitamins will contain the DV necessary for any man at any age, which is why we only have three categories in this guide.

That being said, finding a multivitamin with a clean formula, accurate label, and complete nutritional profile is easier said than done. Multivitamins aren’t regulated by the FDA — meaning there’s no governing body to confirm the multivitamin label is accurate and the supplement is safe — so it can be hard to know the bottle you’re reaching for is pure and effective. So, we researched and spoke with medical experts to target an array of different nutritional needs.

At the end of this guide, we go into more detail on who should take a multivitamin, what kind of nutrients are important in one, and other FAQs.

Here are the best men’s multivitamins of 2021

  • Best men’s multivitamins overall: NOW Adam Superior Men’s Multi
  • Best men’s multivitamin on a budget: Nature’s Way Alive! Once Daily Men’s Multivitamin
  • Best vegan men’s multivitamin: Ritual Essential for Men

Updated on 5/17/2021 by Victoria Giardina: This guide was entirely re-written to provide up-to-date medical advice and supplement formulas. We also included a new category — the best vegan multivitamin — and removed categories for “over 50” and “active” since experts confirmed men’s nutrient needs don’t change here. We wrote a multivitamin FAQ to answer commonly-asked questions about safety and use. Lastly, the piece was medically reviewed to ensure accuracy.

The best men's multivitamins overall

NOW Adam Superior Men’s Multi is our top pick because it meets 100% DV for 19 vitamins you need and meets the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

  • Bottle count: 60 capsules; 120 capsules
  • Suggested use: Take one tablet daily with food

Pros: GMP-certified, Labdoor tested and recommended, meets 100% DV for 19 major vitamins, vegan

Cons: The soft gels are fairly large

NOW Foods has made a name for itself in recent years with its commitment to producing quality and safe supplements and vitamins. This is evident in the NOW Adam Superior Men’s Multi, which meets Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as set out by the FDA, even though the governing body doesn’t approve specific multivitamins.

This supplement has at least 100% of the DV for 19 major vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, C, and B12. And, because it contains zinc, chromium, manganese, and magnesium — all of which are essential nutrients for vegans, too.

Labdoor tested NOW Foods’ Adam Superior Men’s Multi on a number of key metrics and gave the vitamin an overall B grade for safe ingredients and purity of the formula. However, it noted that calcium, manganese, potassium, and zinc varied by more than 10% of what is claimed on the label, though during medical review of this piece, Jason R. McKnight, MD, a family medicine physician and clinical assistant professor at Texas A&M College of Medicine, confirmed each vitamin is still within acceptable DV ranges. 

Though the soft gels are fairly large to some, the multivitamin’s lab-approved tests on healthfulness and purity make it our top pick.

The best men's multivitamin on a budget

If you’re looking for a low-cost option that still gives you the majority of the nutrients you need, Nature’s Way Alive! Once Daily Men’s Multivitamin is a solid solution.

  • Bottle count: 60 tablets
  • Suggested use: Take one tablet daily with food

Pros: Affordable, nutrients are from natural sources, meets 100% DV for 19 major vitamins

Cons: No independent lab results available

Nature’s Way Alive! Once Daily Men’s Multivitamin is an affordable option, but price isn’t everything, as noted in our supplementary FAQ. This multivitamin also has 100% or more of the DV for 19 vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, calcium, and vitamin B12.

Each tablet has 80 mg of nutrients derived from real fruits and vegetables. Overall, 12 mushroom varieties, 14 leafy greens, 12 digestive enzymes, and 22 vitamins and minerals are included in this supplement. 

Though Nature’s Way Alive! hasn’t been tested, the company is one of the only ones to earn a TRU-ID certification on many of its products — an additional verification ensuring purity of botanical ingredients at the DNA level. White said this is a distinction made that ensures what’s on the label is contained in the supplement.

The best vegan men's multivitamin

Ritual Essential for Men is vegan, gluten, and major allergen-free,  focusing on brain health, heart health, normal immune function, and normal muscle function.

  • Bottle count: 30 capsules
  • Suggested use: Take two capsules daily with or without food

Because people who follow a vegan diet don’t eat animal products, their daily needs vary and there are more nutrients to look out for. A 2016 study in the Journal of Osteopathic Medicine found vitamin B12, calcium, iron, vitamin D, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids are common deficiencies among vegans. 

Ritual Essential for Men is 100% vegan and transparent about its supply chain of ingredients. Its mission is to “bring foundational health into focus,” with its men’s supplement specifically formulated to boost brain and heart health and promote normal immune and muscle function. 

Aside from being completely vegan, the capsules are void of gluten and allergens. Ritual operates with a subscription model that sends a new bottle to your door each month. 

Ritual was not yet tested by Consumer Labs, but it is USP-verified. This confirms it contains exactly what it lists on the label, including safe nutrient levels, no harmful substances like heavy metals and pesticides, and is suitable to be broken down and digested.

Who should consider a multivitamin

People who follow a strict diet, like vegans and vegetarians, should check nutrient levels and potential deficiencies with their doctor. Likewise, people who are underweight, elderly, who don’t get enough sun exposure, or who have a chronic medical condition (like heart disease, certain cancers, diabetics, autoimmune disorders, and individuals who had gastric bypass surgery) should consider taking a multivitamin, said Uma Naidoo, MD, director of Nutritional & Lifestyle Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital. 

“Most men over 50 years [of age] do not need supplements to maintain good health — only those with underlying issues with their diet, absorption of nutrients, or underlying diseases,” White offered. 

Moreover, Garden-Robinson notes there can be risks with over-supplementation. She and Dr. Naidoo said taking too much vitamin A may lead to liver damage, while excess calcium may increase the risk for urinary stone formation. An abundance of vitamin C can cause diarrhea and nausea, too.

Our Experts

Uma Naidoo, MD, Director of Nutritional & Lifestyle Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital

Julie Garden-Robinson, PhD, RD: A food and safety professor at North Dakota State University and published multivitamin research at the university

C. Michael White, PharmD: Department head of the University of Connecticut’s School of Pharmacy and dietary supplement researcher

What to look for & other FAQs

For more on what to look for and how to shop for a multivitamin, visit our very detailed FAQ page. 

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