This Is The World’s Best Employer

There are a number of lists of the best places to work. Among the most well-known is the Glassdoor “Best Places To Work 2021.” Over the course of the last several years, the list has been dominated by high-tech companies and consultancies like McKinsey and Bain & Company. Fortune has another list with a different methodology. It has been published for years and is currently known as the 100 Best Companies To Work For.

The top of the Fortune list is also dominated by tech companies. Cisco ranks No.1, and Salesforce ranks No. 2

Not to be outdone, Fortune’s rival Forbes has created its own list which it calls “The World’s Best Employers 2021”

Forbes decided to create its list with a partner, research firm Statista. They surveyed 150,000 fuel time and part-time employees in 58 countries who work for multinational companies and institutions. The core question is whether these people would recommend the companies to employers to their families and friends, among other things. The 750 companies with the highest scores made the list.

The top of the list makes no sense. The No.1 company is Samsung, the huge South Korean conglomerate. The heir to the Samsung fortune and the family that controls the company, Lee Jae Yong, was sentenced to prison for bribery. More recently he plead guilty to the illegal purchase of an anesthetic.

IBM sits in second place on the list. It is considered among the worst run large technology companies in America. As rivals like Alphabet and Microsoft have sprinted ahead of it in sales, IBM has actually been shrinking.  IBM has also been shrinking its workforce, often hiding the exact numbers. Many current employees still have the Sword of Damocles above them.

Among the top 10 companies on the Forbes list are several that are found at the top of similar lists–Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet, and Apple.

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