This simple change can cut your takeout spending by 10%

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During the extended lockdowns last spring, millions of Americans turned to food delivery to safely order from their favorite restaurants.

But the convenience of ordering dinner with just a few taps in an app like Uber Eats or Seamless comes at a cost: Third party delivery services tack on fees to each order.

Between a delivery charge and service fee, this can add an extra 10% upcharge to the cost of your meal. Factor in a standard 20% tip and the numbers start to grow even more.

Instead, cut out the middleman by choosing pick-up instead of delivery. It's an easy switch that can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Take a person who orders $25 worth of food three times a week. The fees alone add around $7.50 to their weekly spending.

Over the course of a month, that adds up to an avoidable $30 in fees that could be put toward your savings — or a few more delivery orders.

By picking up your food yourself, you could save $360 over the course of a year.

It's better for the restaurant, too. Ordering take-out allows the restaurants to avoid paying fees to the delivery services, so a greater portion of your money goes directly to the business.

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