US Covid Infections At Lowest Level In A Month

The U.S. coronavirus infections reached its lowest level in a month on Thursday.

With 150089 new cases, the national total reached 77,437,156, according to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University.

This is nearly one tenth of the daily case number reported a month ago, when it crossed the 1 million mark on many days, and 65 percent down within a fortnight.

Also, there is a drastic fall of 32 percent in Covid hospitalizations in two weeks. Out of 103,455 patients admitted in the nation’s hospitals, 19,192 are in I.C.U.s, as per New York Times’ tally.

3179 deaths from the pandemic were reported on Thursday. With this, the nation’s total Covid casualties reached 915,618.

California reported the most number of cases – 13,740, while Florida accounted for 854 Covid casualties reported on Thursday.

49,435,538 people in the country have recovered from the disease so far, according to Worldometer.

As per the latest data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 213,430,434 people, or 64.3 percent of the eligible population, have been administered both doses of Covid vaccine so far. This includes 88.4 percent of people above 65.

251,655,172 people, or 75.8 percent of the eligible population, have received the first dose.

When compared to regular shots, there is a faster movement in the rate of people’s response to receiving booster doses.

More than 90 million people, or 42.6 percent of the eligible population, have already received a booster dose that is recommended to provide additional protection.

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