US Supreme Court Keeps Title 42 Border Policy In Place

The US Supreme Court has ordered to keep the current Title 42 policy in place while the Court reviews the matter in 2023.

The Title 42 policy was due to expire on December 21.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court by a 5-4 majority vote decided to extend a temporary stay order issued by Chief Justice John Roberts earlier this month.

As required by the Supreme Court order, the Title 42 public health order will remain in effect and individuals who attempt to enter the United States unlawfully will continue to be expelled to Mexico or their home country.

The controversial Trump-era policy, which requires the government to expel undocumented migrants seeking entry into the United States, has prevented thousands of people from crossing the border from Mexico.

“People should not listen to the lies of smugglers who take advantage of vulnerable migrants, putting lives at risk. The border is not open, and we will continue to fully enforce our immigration laws,” the Department of Homeland Security said in a statement.

The White House said it will comply with the Supreme Court’s order and prepare for the Court’s review.

“We are advancing our preparations to manage the border in a secure, orderly, and humane way when Title 42 eventually lifts and will continue expanding legal pathways for immigration,” Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said.

The DHS and the White House urged Congress to pass the comprehensive immigration reform legislation proposed by President Joe Biden to fix the country’s decades-old broken immigration system.

Republican Senator Bill Cassidy said he is glad to see the Supreme Court step in to preserve Title 42, but called for a permanent solution to the issue. “Removing Title 42 would have made our border crisis worse, and the White House seemed willing to let that happen,” he wrote on Twitter.

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