VW Presents Fully Automated Futuristic Vehicle

With the continuous advancement of technology, car manufacturers are slowly redefining travel as we know it and Volkswagen’s new GEN.TRAVEL opens yet another dimension to it.

The company announced on Friday that they are going to work on a new concept of self-driving cars which, in concept, sounds more like a single-wagon railway experience for the passengers. The futuristic vehicle is expected to be a premium category somewhere between a sedan and a MPV. There will be no drivers as the car will be driven by an advanced FSD (full self-drive) technology.

Dr. Nikolai Ardey, Head of Volkswagen Group Innovation, said, “In the group-wide Volkswagen Innovation Research department, we are further advancing this idea, showing how our customers will be able to experience mobility in the future – for example, as a service. With GEN.TRAVEL, we can already experience today what will be possible in the near future with innovative technology. Door-to-door travel at a new level. Emission-free and stress-free.”

Klaus Zyciora, Head of Volkswagen Group Design, believes that the future of automobile is not “form follows function” but “form follows freedom”. The segment will offer mobility-as-a-service for up to four people where all of them will be passengers. There will be a table in the middle of the vehicle and there will be dynamic lighting to make sure the passengers can work or stay busy without feeling motion sickness. The form factor is also going to allow the passengers to configure overnight-setups by just converting two of the seats in to beds with passenger restraint measures to make sure they don’t fall.

For family trips, the vehicle will have the option of using the front seats for children to enjoy AR and the interior with a natural design to feel more at home. The materials used for the vehicles will also be naturally procured and sustainable.

The vehicles will have eABC (electric Active Body Control) system currently used by luxury vehicles to measure different kinds off movements to calculate speed, acceleration and other metrics ahead of the time to help the vehicle adjust more swiftly. The vehicle will also have to be heavily operated by AI to be operational.

VW already has a prototype of the vehicle that will be presented in Chantilly Arts & Elegance near Paris on September 24.

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