A Decade of Crypto Casinos – What Happened?

After some gruesome research of digging through age-old articles, a complete infographic was created to visualize the 10-year process that cryptocurrency casinos went through in the last decade.

The research was done by BitcoinCasinosReviews, a relatively new kid on the block for crypto casino related websites.

The idea behind the infographic is to help showcase the humble beginnings of this small industry, to the bustling corporations churning out hundreds of millions today.
What does the future entail?

Based on the recent growth of traffic from a new BTC surge, it’s safe to say that crypto gambling is not going anywhere. In fact, it’s expected to grow much more in size as larger brands start adopting cryptocurrencies on their platforms.

That’s right. No more crypto-exclusive casinos, old fiat-only websites are starting to feature BTC in their payment options as well, making BTC one of the, if not the most popular currency for gambling.

Based on the fact that dozens of casinos managed to grow their user base with this small change, it’s like for other, much bigger brands to follow suit soon.

Bitcoin Gambling Infographic

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