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The identity of the Shiba Inu founder and creator has been a source of contention among SHIB holders over the last year. Ryoshi is the founder of Shiba Inu, but little else is known about the unidentified person who invented cryptocurrencies. They maintain anonymity, just like Satoshi Nakamoto, who created Bitcoin.

However new information about the founder has come into the limelight. Let’s explore. 

Did Coinbase Director uncover a hidden connection? 

The Director of Coinbase Conor Grogan has brought up very interesting information in his most recent series of tweets. He says that a wallet directly connected to the founder of Shiba Inu (via exchange deposit) has an interesting Opensea account name. The account is named “ALMEDA”.  

Grogan noted that twice in 2020 and 2021 Ryoshi utilized the deposit address. The Coinbase director clarified that Bitkub does not modify deposit addresses, which may not have been known to the cryptocurrency’s developer. 

Moreover, Grogan noted that an NFT with SBF influences was created by the OpenSea account. In September 2020, Meme Ltd. released the “SBF Legendary” line. There is only ten pieces total, and as of this writing, eight owners. It is priced at 25 ETH or just over $39,000 at the time of writing.

It is unknown why Ryoshi would use Alameda’s OpenSea handle in 2020, according to the Coinbase executive, who periodically discloses fascinating blockchain data. This suggests that the SHIB founder might be holding onto it for memes.

Conversely, Grogan has already made connections between Alameda and the well-known dog-themed joke coin. The Coinbase director revealed statistics in a thread last month that suggested Alameda, the biggest SHIB farmer at the time, may have formed the top of the latest bull run for the meme coin by selling it just before FTX introduced SHIB everlasting trading.

Grogan has pointed out similarities before 

Grogan noted that on October 27, 2021, the largest Shiba Inu farmer unstaked $107M of SHIB and sent it all to FTX, Huobi, Binance, and OKX in a tweet from back in February 2023. This was the extreme peak, and SHIB soon started to decline and never recovered. Coincidentally, one exchange, FTX, has just extended SHIB.

Why do some token founders remain anonymous? 

Token creators frequently prefer to maintain their privacy by using online nicknames rather than revealing their genuine identities. Some select anonymity to keep individuals out of altcoin initiatives because their work was focused on the message rather than the personalities. Some choose to remain anonymous out of concern about potential future government retribution.

To conclude

The theory given by Grogan comes as a shocker to the crypto community. It seems like not many agree with it though. People have replied to his tweet by saying that they know the founder of Shiba and he isn’t who Grogan is implying. 

One reply has claimed that Ryoshi is an Asian female and has explained in great detail some of her characteristics. 

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