$ADA and $MATIC: Crypto Analyst Explains Why He Is Expecting Huge Gains in June

Earlier today (June 1), popular New Zealand-based crypto analyst Lark Davis (@TheCryptoLark on Twitter), talked about five altcoins that he expects to do very well this month and the reasons for his bullishness.

The five crypto projects that Davis discussed in a video released on his YouTube channel were Cardano ($ADA), Polygon ($MATIC), Theta Network ($THETA), Vega Protocol ($VEGA), and Formation Fi ($FORM).

In this article, we highlight some of his more interesting comments regarding Cardano and Polygon.

Cardano ($ADA)

  • Cardano [is] obviously a massive beast of cryptocurrency — $54 billion dollar market caps. So, don’t expect this to do a 10X or anything like that over the next month, but I think that we are gonna see a lot of anticipation building up for Cardano over the coming few months actually.
  • Smart contracts are now live on the testnet for Cardano. That is really really big news because we have been waiting years, years, years for smart contracts.
  • The introduction of smart contracts onto Cardano — that’s going to be a big catalyst for this blockchain. I think in the run-up to the launch of those smart contracts, we are going to see the price continuing to rally as people get more and more excited about the launch of really Cardano’s full ecosystem finally coming into play… We’re starting to see that ecosystem actually building out, like Occam, which is launching a decentralized exchange…
  • If everything goes according to plan fingers…we could be seeing smart contracts on the mainnet in like August — that’s very very exciting.

Polygon ($MATIC)

  • Polygon has just been roaring — absolutely roaring — over the last few months… right now, you’re looking at a situation where we could still see it get up like $10 per $MATIC token, which is obviously great gains potential, but not as awesome as buying at four cents…
  • The users statistics for polygon [are] going off the freaking charts…
  • What we’re seeing is all of the major DeFi applications coming over to Polygon.
  • We’re seeing more transactions on Polygon than on Binance Chain, and yet Binance Chain is worth, you know, five or six times as much as Polygon right now in terms of market cap. So I feel like there is a gap there that is going to be closed over time.
  • We are also seeing some big partnerships coming through for polygon.
  • We also have some major DeFi applications, which have recently announced their integrations with Polygon, joining a long list of projects that have now integrated with Polygon. The first one is 0x. So, they have released a version of their decentralized exchange liquidity aggregator API on Polygon; so that’s really cool to see.

On Monday (May 31), the Polygon team announced that the 0x ($ZRX) team has integrated the 0x API with Polygon, thereby giving Polygon developers access to deep DEX liquidity, and named Quickswap and SushiSwap as two DeFi projects that would benefit from this partnership.



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