Altrucoin Creates A DeFi Service Platform For Other Token Projects

Houston, Texas, USA, 2nd March, 2022, Chainwire

Altrucoin ($ALTRU) is an existing decentralized financial DeFi platform that has combined BankerDoge and the old Altrucoin, the two previous projects it created. The new platform provides custom staking, presales, token referral, and governance systems for other tokens on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Altrucoin announced the new token will be launched in early March, 2022.  

The Merge 

With the first project launched in June 2021, the new Altrucoin combines the two previous projects it created. It retains the existing use case: the project adds utility to existing tokens through its DeFi platform. The custom staking vaults on the platform are specifically designed to reward longer-term token holders and support those who are committed to the projects with their stakings. Members pay a small entry and exit fee that is used to boost the price and APY of the $ALTRU token. 

With built-in reflection to the Altrucoin vault and a step-down fee structure, the ALTRU token features tokenomics built right into the smart contract. The Altrucoin team will be re-listing on exchanges the previous tokens were on, including Bitmart, Probit, and XT. 

The Team Behind Altrucoin 

Altrucoin comes with the support of experienced and advanced individuals who are fully doxed and already have been a part of two successful cryptocurrency projects: BankerDoge and the previous Altrucoin token. They have combined the projects to increase efficiency and incorporate all of the technology under one project.  

The core team, based in the United States, are all college graduates who have worked with major corporations like the Houston Astros, Maker’s Mark, and more. 

Nathaji Metivier is the Chief Executive Officer, with years of experience in cyber-security and starting his own businesses. Paul Lambert is the Director of Operations, with project management and marketing experience. Aya Yagi is the Outreach Director, with experience in communications and design. More information about the Altrucoin team is available on the website. 

About Altrucoin 

Altrucoin is a decentralized finance platform with its own cryptocurrency. The platform includes services such as staking, presale token launch, token referral, and aims to provide trustless DeFi lending to all BSC tokens. The company provides custom development solutions to projects on the BSC. Altrucoin aims to improve the world through cooperation and charitable donations to improve the environment and living conditions across the world.  

More information about Altrucoin can be found on their website, discord, and telegram.  


Director of Operations

  • Paul Lambert
  • Altrucoin
  • [email protected]

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