American Businessman Carl Icahn Shows Bitcoin Optimism

Carl Icahn, a well-known American billionaire and founder of Icahn Enterprises, showed optimism regarding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency assets in a recent interview with Bloomberg. Icahn added that his enterprises are planning to enter the crypto market with a potential investment of up to $1.5 billion.

During the interview, Icahn said that most of the cryptocurrency assets (apart from Bitcoin and Ethereum) will not survive in the future but the market is here to stay. According to the latest data published by Forbes, the total net worth of Icahn stands at around $15.6 billion.

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“I’m looking at the whole business to study how I may get involved in it with Icahn Enterprises in a relatively big way. I do think that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency assets are here to stay in one form or the other. A big way for us could be a billion dollars or something like $1.5 billion but that would be a sort of big way,” Icahn told Bloomberg during an interview.

The latest comments from Icahn on Bitcoin and other digital currencies came as a surprise as the billionaire criticized the world’s largest cryptocurrency in the past. Icahn changed his tone about BTC after a significant jump in its price and adoption during the last 12 months.

Icahn on Ethereum and Bitcoin

During the recent discussion, Icahn compared the world’s two largest cryptocurrencies and outlined the functionalities of Ethereum and Bitcoin. “With Ethereum, it’s the underlying blockchain. So, Ethereum has two things, you can use it as a payment system, you can use it as a store of value. So Ethereum and Bitcoin are different. Bitcoin to me is just a store of value,” Icahn said.

Institutional adoption of Bitcoin and Ethereum has increased rapidly since the start of 2021. Leading companies around the world including the world’s largest electric car maker Tesla and China’s leading technology firm Meitu announced a significant accumulation of cryptocurrency assets including Bitcoin and ETH.

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