Apple Set To Launch Mixed Reality Headset: Here’s What We Know So Far And The Battle With Meta

  • Apple will kick off its metaverse push with a mixed-reality headset. 
  • The technology giant is developing RealityOs software to complement its high-end hardware in creating the perfect metaverse solution. 
  • Meta is on its way to roll out a cheaper headset with more compatibility (Quest 3), setting the stage for a big tech rivalry. 

The battle for the ideal metaverse platform enters top gear, with Meta and Apple leading the quest to create the perfect augmented reality experience despite a few roadblocks.

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple will launch its first virtual reality headset on June 5 at the company’s WWDC conference. The much-anticipated headset is termed a mixed reality headset because it offers both argument reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) functionalities, although AR-specific hardware will be released subsequently.

Apple began planning its foray into the metaverse in 2015 and is currently on track to release multiple gaming experiences for its users. Based on its previous trademark filings, the high-end headset is reportedly called the Reality Pro or Reality One. 

The Apple headset is expected to have two Micro OLED screens with a detailed 8K resolution which internal cameras will boost. Apple plans to erase criticisms heaped on Metaverse platforms for spending billions of dollars while delivering poor quality graphics and overall user experience.

The team also deployed the popular M2 processor from the company’s MacBook, including sensors that can recreate and detect user leg movements, a feature its rival Meta is yet to get a hang on. Furthermore, retina scanners will be incorporated for extra biometric security during logins and will be used for payments.

Meta vs Apple: Battle for the metaverse

Meta has more metaverse buzz around it, with its founder Mark Zuckerberg backing the creation despite losses encountered so far. Apple’s Tim Cook is very bullish on Augmented Reality, stressing the use cases it can bring to the real world.

I think AR is a profound technology that will affect everything. Imagine suddenly being able to teach with AR and demonstrate things that way. Or medically, and so on. Like I said, we are going to look back and think about how we once lived without AR,” he stated. 

Analyzing the business model of both companies, one can predict that Meta will offer more interoperability than Apple because of the former’s “wall garden” approach to products. Zuckerberg has also noted that an “open and interoperable metaverse is better for everyone.”

Most observers expect Apple to beat Meta in terms of graphics and user interaction, a feature that Meta has struggled with in past releases. Meta has announced the launch of Quest 3, a cheaper headset many view as a direct response to Apple’s planned release.

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