Binance Smart Chain Becomes the Target of a 'Smear Campaign'

In brief:

  • The Binance Smart Chain has become the target of a smear campaign
  • Unscrupulous developers are creating tokens and Dapps that are sensitive and unethical
  • ‘Slave Finance’ and ‘Tanks of Tienanmen’ are two examples
  • The creators are allegedly attempting to force CZ and Binance to get rid of them thus proving Binance Smart Chain is centralized

The Binance Smart Chain is now a target of a smear campaign with yet-to-be-identified developers creating questionable tokens and Dapps.

‘Tanks of Tienanmen Token’ on BSC

One such example is the creation of the Tanks of Tienanmen token on the Binance Smart Chain. The creation of such a token is sure to cause speculation that Binance is set on a collision course with the Chinese Communist Party for the token’s reference to the 1989 Tienanmen Square protests. Details of the token can be found in the following screenshot courtesy of

Slave Finance on the Binance Smart Chain

Slave Finance is a new DApp on the Binance Smart Chain that has raised a lot of eyebrows in the crypto community due to obvious ethical reasons. Below is a screenshot of the website and Twitter page.

Smear Campaign or Testing Whether Binance Smart Chain is Decentralized

One theory floating around on Crypto Twitter is that the ‘Tanks of Tienanmen’ token and ‘Slave Finance’ have been created to test how much control CZ has over the Binance Smart Chain. If both are taken down on the blockchain level, it would prove that the Binance Smart Chain is controlled by the team at Binance.

Crypto community member @IDrawCharts best explains the catch 22 situation currently at play.

This @slavefinance_ thing is interesting. Obviously it’s terrible, but puts @cz_binance  in the position of either tarnishing his image by allowing it to continue, or highlighting the lack of $BSC decentralization by getting rid of it.

Clever sort of attack

We Cannot Control It – CZ

The CEO of Binance, CZ, has responded via several statements on Twitter on the creation of the above sensitive tokens and Dapps. Below are a few of them.

A few hater kids think they can bring down a blockchain with some scams/sensitive posts. We honestly can’t control it. But they are just promoting #BSC to their followers. (Source)

So, I just learned this is not a new type of attack. #BTC maxis have used this tactic on ETH before, causing Etherscan (the most popular ETH explorer, a centralized website) to be blocked in China. There are better ways to deal with this now. (Source)

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